Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dreamy affair

Last few weeks I was hearing a lot about from my colleagues, dreams they are having,
I was wondering whether I remembered the dreams so starkly as others do.

One of my friend had a dream- in his own words
Last night I dreamed that our very own pune university was invaded by Maoists. ( hmmm quite daring!!!)  and guess, I literally beaten them all, in spite of all of them are having AK’s and Insas. I just beaten them with just a long stick and they all were left university bruised and sore eyes.
( the reason he gave for such out of box dream was, of course he was all pissed by dept. and did lot of study and read an article on Maoists in  Bengal and one thing led to another and my dear friend become messiah by beating Maoists and saving us)

Now I am a lot busy doing an internship, the project on Valuation. My project partner and I was totally engrossed in project. All but I was thinking about project. ( k, enough of bragging about myself). So important thing was, of course the dream she had. … In my words( he he i don’t remember the whole ishtory)
She was in university, strange everybody seems to be quite fond of campus. We were all there(omnipotent, right?) suddenly it started raining. And guess what she saw, whole actuarial dept of the company having shelter in the Shivaji park. Quite shocked she was!!! ( me too J )

Now my turn,  of course in my words
I was running here and there in E-square with Pravin ( OGF aka old good friend) was desperate to catch last night  show , I was on the stairs and telling him that please we will watch The tourist, Johny depp starrer, but he was adamant on Tees maar khan. Even in my dream I was so stricken by hearing his plans that I started running away from him and he was after me.. Then I woke up.( Thank god!!!)

PS:- Tees maar khan is one of the worst bolly movies I had seen. Total torture.