Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 th March 2011......

Today morning i was reading an article about hype surrounded about Ind- Pak match and I cant hide my excitement and and ohh my god i am too excited for their 30th March semifinal affair at Mohali.
No doubt today Ind will beat helpless Aussie, i am not worried at all about today's match. 30 th March going to be a big day.
Shoaib will retire after this match. I love that bowler, menace on the field.

PS:- Gargi, you owe me a treat...

Thanx Cricinfo, very informative and spell bounding articles. I fancy reading PLAYS article after each match. Too good and hilarious.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flat pitch

Yesterday, we played Student-Teacher friendly match. It was fun, considering the fact was we won by keeping just an over spare, so it was a close shave. Though it was our second string team, boys showed lot of class so do teachers. Kale, Pandit and Ladkat sir were simply amazing. Pandit sir has got a nice bowling sense and amount of measured flight he was giving to his delivery it was very difficult to put them out of block. Kale sir was very athelatic as he was last year, but this time Man of the match was Pandit sir for his skilled bowling effort.

PS:- Most pleasing moment on a field are...
1) To see the stumps get uprooted and fly in the air, sheer fast bowlers delight.
2) Let ball go high in the air and sailed beyond the rope and slowly watched its trajectory.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

That wasn't fair...

Its really getting hard to digest india's dismal performance against SA.

One suggestion- switch off your TV as soon as SACHIN gets out.

"9 wickets for 29 runs."
Dad was repeating this dialogue whole day.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back to awesomeness!!!

Though seems to stranded nowadays,
unabashed uncommon we were,
but the unattainable lit our eyes blue,
we were the boys of aimless clue!!!

Well well guys...the boys are back again with a bang!!!
Of course i am talking about Facebook community.."Fergusson Hostelites who rocked the year 2003-05"
Total chaos...though we are little bit matured( really?) now but when it comes to interacting with them, age holds no bar...

Everybody is elated.Reunion is on the cards....