Friday, January 29, 2010

Annual days...

Much anticipated Annual days started yesterday..Yesterday was Black n White day..It was celebrated without much hype n hoopla. As juniors we were a bit low profile yesterday. Well, senior girls were came hard on their counterparts for not showing much enthu.So as a result seniors were lot determined to give their best shot today.

Today was Tie n Sari day. Seniors (hostellites) dressed quite emphatically.(they have to).They looked better than PUMBA guys(management ppl).We had a very hard tim
e to tie a tie!!! At last somehow we manage that. To my surprise all my fellow classmates turns into sari (I wasn’t expecting that).All girls (senior+junior) were looking great. I guess every girl looks great in sari :) .It seems that my Actuarial class came to life. First term gave hard time 2 everybody. We all had a great time together…Clicked lot of pictures. One of my classmate was Mr. B n W, so he gave us a treat at old canteen. It was total blast out there. We sign out after discussing a lot about what to do on traditional day.(still v r confused)…

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

26th January.....

As a newbie blogger I was wondering what will keep me to continue to write, or do I able to garner same enthu which I shown creating d blog.(hmm now I can think I can write becoz from above lines I can figured out that I can make something out of nothing)..Jokes apart, I will share some yesterday’s instances…

It was India’s 61th Republic Day..I got up early to attend Flag Hoisting ceremony held at University Main Building. Chief Guest was V C Dr. Adsul sir (obvious choice). As recorded National Anthem was about to start there was some technical glitches, so we have to sing our own. Some might think this as a act of disrespect (tech glitches), but I think we have lot of issues in front of us to worry about rather thinking about that. The speech was brief and energetic..There were some respectable attendance which surprised sir also..(maybe younger generation afford to sacrifice some sleep). Then we wander here n there, took some pictures n then back to hostel..

Yesterday was like a boxing day. We had a cricket match. I was playing for University Club. It was indeed a very big tourney.(total teams=68). Our match was scheduled at 2pm. We were there around 12..We had a lot of time in our hand so we decided to have a walk around d campus.(rather than wasting time doing catch practicing).The tourney was scheduled at d Agriculture ground,shivajinagar..The campus was big..One of our team member was a lot vocal about how d shooting of “Munnabhai MBBS” carried out in d campus. Main building became Hospital. We saw a lawn where Munna gave ride to Yeda Anand(straight from narrator).then we saw d Hostel where d shooting took place. After doing all d sightseeing we came back to ground.

We won d toss n elected to bat. We posted decent score. But our bowlers took a very bad beating, ultimately we lost d match..

After match introspection…..

I think I took Cricket very seriously last week. Cricket was all over me. I hardly studied. All d time I was thought about how to strike d right balance between d studies n things apart from studies. n I hardly got any success..I only studied when I had no option but to study..I hate that thing..n then I hate being Nachiket..Now I think d time has come, Regression seems like distant thing. I have to gear up…

God…I love this situation!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Walking the memery line....

A bit nostalgic!!!
Last week was all but happening..But those two incidents took me ride to the past.

First one is…..
Last week one evening I ran into Pravin’s flat..Sam was also there. We planned for “Avatar”, but after having dinner we skip that plan, and headed straight to “Morphasis” which was owned by Rakesh bhai..Well to be frank I was not comfortable with the idea of going out there (d temptation which I resist for last six months), but then I persuaded the thought..n then thought let’s face it, you are not that weak..

I was facing that territory after almost 4 years, Rakesh bhai was so surprised to see us back there.. n also very thrilled. He was about to close d café since he had some prior appointments but then he skip that for us. We thought let’s have a look at CS.We played for about an hour; there was nobody at d café. We had a great time out there (n tough time for Rakesh courtesy our aggression)...I also feel HELLBOy had lost his touch (but that’s Ok). We talked a lot about those days (how mad, dumb, crazy, dedicated?, foolish we were).

Second one is…
I was playing cricket with my seniors at the University ground. We were playing cricket for almost 4 hours, we all were like drained n thirsty..n then we saw “Ice-creamwala”..We all ran onto him like thirsty warriors..When I saw him from close quarters I feel that I met this guy before. As I was thinking he looked at me n said,”So how you doing n why you came here to play cricket and not at FC?”
and then I clicked that this is the same guy from which we used buy ice-cream when we played cricket at FC. I was so thrilled that he still remembers me. We talked for a while, n then headed off.

Sometimes you never expect things to happen like that, but when they happened u only have to admire d glory of that event silently!!!

-Morphasis:- Game café at FC road.
-CS:-Counter-Strike (multiplayer lan game).
-HELLBOy:- My clan name
-FC:-Fergusson Clg(where I did my Junior clg)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Live free die hard

For the last 5-6 days I cannot stop thinking myself about the burning topic the state is facing now..The recent suicides by students really shook government as well as so called society from its ground. The CM also called meeting to discuss the issue.

As I was reading the article in the newspaper about these suicides (there was almost 20 suicides in last week happened) about the students who committed the suicides the writer was very particular about the reason behind the suicides.
I. The fear of failure in the exam..
II. Extra expectations laden by the parents..
III. Sense of insecurity among students..
IV. Innermost feeling that nobody understands d problem they are facing…

Well one thing was common in all the cases was there was lack of communication between the students and parents..As I was thinking that only students who were not good at study do such things, but I was shocked to hear that a scholar girl from Mumbai committed suicide because her parents won’t allow her to practice dance(which she was good at) and forced her to study. Of course she took a very drastic step. (I am fully against of that.).The parents now regretting their act. Well the matter of fact that every person wants his child must succeed in the rat race, there is nothing wrong in that, but sometimes it is not possible for everyone to do so..

There will be some stormy discussion happen on this topic, some reformist might suggest some solution, but nobody can guarantee that when it will stop..
We all agree that it is not possible to stay calm n composed in d troubled situations all the times, but I think it is the godsend opportunity to strengthen our mindset!!!

Some mind boosters:-
1. Be urself.
2. Have immense faith in your abilities.
3. Have at least one hobby, be it reading, games,music. This will help you to unplugged.
“Education teaches you how survive, a hobby teaches you how to live!”.
4. Talk to your parents, friends or teachers or anybody whom you are comfortable, whenever you feel low. There is nothing wrong to discuss your weak point. “Pobody is Nerfect”.

All I hope it will end soon, because it sucks a lot when you read those news…