Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 mistakes of my life

How many times do we laugh at our own mistakes?
I always very open about enjoying my nonsense stuffs with others. Most of the times I being end up as a tho! When I get nostalgic, I remembered my foolish deeds. They are lots of, but here I am sharing with you the latest 3.
Ticket please:- One fine day, I was accompanying Heramb to his room, ( I guess it was fifa world cup time) Babar joined us at Shivajinagar. We three were headed towards to Sangavi. We were having a blast in PMT, until ticket checkers took control of the entire bus. They were checking everyone’s ticket. As babar joined later, he bought his own ticket, and produced the same. When TC turned over to me, I looked at Heramb. Expression on his face was-Oh shit! Not this time.
Heramb: Aree **** , you bought the ticket, show them. Me: Yeah, I am searching. Wait.
H: Do it fast. TC is waiting only for you. ( other passengers now having a good look at me)
Hmmmm, I searched everywhere, but no avail. I just remember one thing that I bought 2 tickets and while talking to H, I started folding them and made one fine slip, rest don’t ask! ( I even searched below my seat)
We paid fine of 50 each, then we looked at each other, we started laughing like mad. Others had a good time seeing my antics. (According to Heramb)
Recharge coupon:- Usually I preferred doing top up at shop. I kind of reluctant to recharge coupons.
One day I went for a top up and learnt that Docomo server was down. I was in urgent need, so I decided to buy recharge coupon. I am always afraid of scratching cards. I thought I may end up scratching numbers also. Other problem was, I really don’t know how to scratch them, either by coin or by nails.
This time I preferred nails. I started scratching the coupon. For the first few digits I was doing fine, and then the inevitable happened. I literally scratched through the coupon. Forget about seeing digits, now I can saw through it. I scratched rest carefully. I thought I might do some permutation and combination stuff regarding those erased 3-4 digits, but my enthu dropped after 4-5 failed attempts. Then I kept that coupon in my drawer. After that incident I bought only one coupon and get it well scratched from my junior.

1+1=2, 2-1=1 shirt:- It’s been almost 4-5 years down the line that I never do shopping with my parents.( or rather they were happy that they no longer have to wait for long while I zeroed on something!) I usually went with my bro or rather did it by my own.
This summer I and my brother decided to stitch shirts. We did so. Still my mother insisted to have some shirts. (Very sweet!) So here I am, this time with my friend went for shopping. He had a good flavor of shopping in Ahmednagar. So we went some shops but each time I disagree with salesman, who used to said that, this is the shirt only best fit for you,sir. (ha ha! What a marketing strategy)
Then we went in a shop who boasted some French title ( ces- la- vie) thinking that this may got some stuff. Indeed they had. I quickly select one. Then the battle begins for the second one. I was thinking of having a short sleeve. So he showed some shirts. I liked two of them, but not really liked!( cant explain the difference between the two) . After much hiatus, also intervention of shop owner I select one. I paid the cash. They sent the shirt for some finer arrangements to tailor. Then god knows what strike me, I decided to not have last shirt. I asked my friend, what should I do? He said, If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it. I asked him, why the hell he didn’t say that while paying cash. He simply said one thing which I follow most, i.e. follow your instincts. If you are not happy with it, then don’t.
Me: I think, I am having a second thought about having the second shirt.
S.O. (shop owner):- Arey sir, don’t worry. It will definitely suit you.
Me: Yeah I know, but still I don’t want it. Give my cash back for that shirt.
S.O: (now in real shock) Aree sir, I swear , it is a good shirt. About having cash back, I simply can’t, because bill is made, and I can’t alter that. (After that he called his assistant to cancel finer arrangement and bring back shirt)
Me: (Realizing he is saying right) Ok, but still it’s just 5 mins. Can u?
S. O: No.
Me: Ok, least give me credit note, I will purchase something later.
S.O: yes, I can do that, but still that shirt is nice.
Me: Yes, but no thanks.

I took a credit note .Thinking of, how to protect it till next time I will back to home. After that I and my friend had a very healthy laugh. He admitted that, he had seen many shopping horrors, but this was one of a kind. I told my brother about this incident, he just smiled back! I offered him some cash and asked him to buy him jeans. (I simply hate to go there again) but he rejected the idea.
Last time, I had been to home. This time I went alone to cash credit note. They didn’t recognize me, may be because of this time, I was sporting mustache. (Remember that dumb movie, Rab ne bana di Jodi) I quickly select one, at the time of payment I passed note. We all just smiled.
After that I decided not to do any kind of shopping in Ahmednagar।

PS: There is no reason to be logical in this illogical world since we are all surrounded by the ones who boasted illogical things in logical way!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gilded Cage

Smattering noise,
Unparalleled chase,
Dreadful nights,
I thrives gilded cage.

Long waiting moments,
Sinful expectations,
Ghastly lies,
I thrives gilded cage.

Thirsty veins,
Hapless eyes,
Indigestible hunger,
I thrives gilded cage.

Constant hatred,
Beaky gazes,
Raising doubts,
I thrives gilded cage.

Muddy thoughts,
Scary dreams,
Disgusting beggary,
I thrives gilded cage.

Monday, September 20, 2010

If only

You will never meet the same person again.
Big events, small incidents knowingly or unknowingly contribute to building our own character. Whenever somebody says that, “You have changed a lot, you were not like this!” (In what sense, the concerned person knows the best!) Then we get realized that, yes! I guess, I changed a little bit.

I always open to any such events which enhance myself, rather everything around teaches us something, the only thing is that we have to see it with different spectacle. One thing I learned that about myself that, I am so much fancy about living on the edge. I likes when the situation let my adrenaline pumping. Be it exam time, any sport event, writing something innovative, watching lots of movies( till computer itself felt guilty), reading something( and forgetting everything) , going crazy about somebody( in spite of knowing the ultimate end). Although I likes sleeping long hours, sitting idle.

I realized after some time you get bored of the things which at some point you think, I can’t live without this! Time passes, you get addicted to something different. In my earlier stay at Pune, I was crazy about CS, so much that nobody can believe, how addicted I was! After some time the attraction receded gradually. Then came back at pune again. Again get hooked for some time. I again smiled at myself. Now seems to be come to ground reality. 
Meanwhile, introduced to Blogging and then poetry. Again fell in love with this, so much that at times, I got afraid of myself. Poetry is a kind of sweet addiction which soothes burning heart. I wrote every kind of poem mostly in Marathi, surprisingly some in English and more surprisingly in Hindi. Last summer I thought about a lot about this blogging and poetry, on the verge of leaving all this. I took a break, very confused. I tried to discuss, but later learned that, none can reach depth of anybody problem expect that person. So I thought a lot, and decided I shouldn’t deprive myself from this divine joy.

Someone said that, we get a single life; we should try each and everything. I totally disagree with this kind of philosophy. Life is such an unpredictable phenomenon that let alone rationalizing it; we cannot go near understanding it. I love surprises, also surprising others also. One thing I learned is that, you can’t blame anyone for your own downfall. You cannot claim sole propriety of your success.

Looking back at those memories,
I felt gasped!
I wonder how beautiful days they were.
Though at that time never realize,
The beauty of living the moment.

Time passes,
With little introspection we console ourselves,
I had a good time out there!

Why this lie?
Why such aloofness?
still, why there is guilt?
Are we destiny’s puppet?
Certainly not!!!

I wanna stride out, then do it!
I wanna break the rule, set free!
I wanna ruin myself, get ruined!
I wanna write a lot, express it!
I wanna hurt myself, do it badly!
I wanna study a lot, make it happen!
I wanna screamed like hell, tear it!

  PS: This post contains so much I, me , myself stuff , which i really don't like at first place but still cant resist the temptation.

Monday, September 13, 2010

दुनियेने झिडकारिले , सारे बेइमान झाले,
आतून तुटलो, शब्द मेहेरबान झाले.

Inside story

Hide the pain
hide the tears
nothing gained
nothing feared
all was lost with bloody scars
all it cost
were a few wishing

I always used to wonder how these poets, authors get inspiration from. Though V P humbly admit that, it is just a matter of one moment, rest is all donkey work(here writing) Yes, everybody craves for that one moment. Although all the stuff i wrote comes within me, but this particular poem i had written was the aftereffect of above lines.( it was a wallpaper.) When i read it first time, i suddenly felt some rush inside me. As my stuffs lies everywhere in the room, so it wasn't hard to catch a pen and book where i was sat. The end product after 10 minutes is lies below.

PS: Don't relate those two in meaning.It was just it spurred me.

What if
nobody besides me,
i will still love
what inside of me.

What if
there is no shoulder to cry for,
I will let myself drawn into my tears,
let tears felt envy of my eyes.

What if
none listen to me
I will let my burning heart to go loud,
so much till i feel numb.

What if
there is no way ahead
I will blindfold myself,
and follow my instincts.

What if
words come hard on me
I will borrow some from you,
to fill the unexplained sorrows...

Saturday, September 4, 2010


At one time so many things invade my mind, having no control over them. Now a day One such thing which dominates all other was, I imagine myself to be in a limbo. I have all sorts of novels, poems, ghazals which I can read rest of my life, having no other things to worry about. I will wake up in the morning (rather in the afternoon) take any of the novels which lie besides me and read it until I quenched my thirst. Then I will write which is mine, mostly poem. I always felt guilty of myself being too lazy. I almost have 4-5 ready plots, on which I can write good short stories, but…Last month the feeling surpassed my laziness (finally!) and I wrote one story. No doubt, felt lot relieved. Now since I will be in a limbo, I can let my laziness to die a slow death then I will ride on my all unfulfilled wishes until the dust settles.
                  This is my idea of inception.