Monday, April 25, 2011

Motorcycle Diaries 1.0

After finishing my internal I headed straight back to my home. Yeah, literally I was desparatily in search of a place where I can find point blank chaos.

This morning I returned to Pune, but this time I was with my OGF ( old good friend) Sandip, he brought his bike to home and we were travelling back to Pune. We all love long rides a lot. Last June I went to Matheran on a bike with few friends, it was hell of a ride. This time though we weren’t test the speedometer much, but in all it was fun.

The road was all too smooth, ( strange but true!) We stopped at Saradwadi, near Shirur. The place is famous for Bhel and misal. We had them. It was really good, still the taste is lingering on my lips. (Considering the fact that I am a stern critic of food).

We also went to Mahaganapati at Ranjangaon. It was serene. Felt enchanted out there.

PS: This time I didn’t had my camera, loved to click some shots. Anyways next 2.0 will be more interesting.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

काळेभोर डोळे
अन हसरा चेहरा
लाघवी हास्य
अन खट्याळ नजरा
वेड लावी साऱ्या चराचरा | 

जणू काही ठाव नसे असा अविर्भाव
अरे हट !
साफ झूठ,
हि तर जाणिते सर्व तंत्र-मंतरा |

Friday, April 8, 2011

Curious case of Bablu.

We may all wonder that what happened with Bablu so that all of a sudden he is behaving like a guy from other planet! ( yeah, tanu u heard that) So here is in depth analysis done by our own Unipune’s Suresh Kalmadi .

I think that you people are quite aware that, since he has extend his semester, so I his own books he may find it difficult to mix with people who are passing out this june. So question may come up, what about other group? Don’t they going to pass out on the same date? Yeah, according to BCUD rule its right. But still he may want to change his taste. (here conversation type) One hint that Bablu given to his own departure from the group is that , people has changed!( again tanu) I think, he is right. People change every second. If we see through the biology aspect and some application of statistics every second we create dead cells, growth of different species leads to changes every second. So I vehemently support Bablu. People changed.

Other reason he cited for departure is that there is no fun remain in this group. Yeah he is right, because of company of other so called highly intellectual and witty people, there is high probability that his sense of humor peaked new scale. And jokes you people shared in your group are just nonsense. ( chandan jokes!!!)
Also one allegation is that, old group people don’t explore much. (Places like Good luck!!!) . Yes he is right. Change is only constant thing in this universe. One of my ex-student from 2001 batch left his house and went to Gujarat because he didn’t like the taste of water out here. See, this example. People can go to such level; he is just leaving your group. I damn support him. In fact I will tell him to write a letter to Vice-chancellor and propose some innovative ideas like swimming pool in the dept, CCD besides OC…1 number idea.

No adventure remains in old group. I think he is right. You people showed a lot of promise by trekking Rajgad and Harishanadragad in the beginning but it wasn’t enough. Promise has to be like a 5 year plan. You should follow it throughout your MSc. So you can’t blame him to shift his focus to more adventurous (!) people.

The reason cited for departure is that, there is dearth of innovation. out of box names like, zingarya papya , chandan, madan, nandan, sunandan, vandan, sadan, harbhajan.
So I think that, you people has to raise your bar in order to stand in front of Bablu. Mind it!!!

PS: This post contains lots of mystic fragrances. I, being amateur, tried my hand at something different. I appreciate the fact that people understood me, it happens; because of some constraints my hands were tied. Though, I tried my best. I have full respect for those people whom I mentioned in the post. This was just a stress buster!!! Love you all :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Non- STop

Yeah , i am again getting bored in the classroom, thanx to my ever irregular concentration. So i need to engage myself, here comes my best buddy: Poems...
Today i was kind of (self proclaimed) on a roll. lolz...
So i scribbled few are they.

भर उन्हात चालताना पाणपोई दिसू देत,
माझ्या काटेरी स्वप्नांना  तुझ्या आठवनीचे गुलाब येऊ देत ,
विझानारया  दिव्याला जरासा आडोसा मिळू देत,
कधीतरी माझ्याही दारी वळवाचा पाउस पडू देत....

In between my friend was struggled to pen down his (!) thoughts...
so the inspirational lines....:)

तुझ्या कल्पनांना शब्दांचे माहेर मिळू देत,
या कोऱ्या कागदावर भावनांचे पाट वाहू देत...

work resumes....

ना कळेना 
ना उमगेना 
ना कुणास ठाऊक 
काटा कुठे रुतलेला!

मन भरकटलेले 
उलघाल संपेना 
ना कुणास ठाऊक 
काटा कुठे रुतलेला!

डोळे शोधिसी कुणा 
या हृदयास उमजेना 
ना कुणास ठाऊक 
काटा कुठे रुतलेला!

भलभलनारी जखम 
बधीर तनमन 
ना कुणास ठाऊक 
काटा कुठे रुतलेला!

ध्यास अशक्याचा
पाया कमकुवत भक्तीचा 
ना कुणास ठाऊक 
काटा कुठे रुतलेला!!!

PS:- Finally time flies, and i am free!