Thursday, April 14, 2011

काळेभोर डोळे
अन हसरा चेहरा
लाघवी हास्य
अन खट्याळ नजरा
वेड लावी साऱ्या चराचरा | 

जणू काही ठाव नसे असा अविर्भाव
अरे हट !
साफ झूठ,
हि तर जाणिते सर्व तंत्र-मंतरा |


  1. Demanding a transcribed version, and then a translated version in case I fail to comprehend the former asap...

  2. Here, I portray a girl who with her enchanting beauty made everyone fall for her. Though she pretends that, she is unaware of what’s happening(behind her), but it is other way around.