Monday, April 25, 2011

Motorcycle Diaries 1.0

After finishing my internal I headed straight back to my home. Yeah, literally I was desparatily in search of a place where I can find point blank chaos.

This morning I returned to Pune, but this time I was with my OGF ( old good friend) Sandip, he brought his bike to home and we were travelling back to Pune. We all love long rides a lot. Last June I went to Matheran on a bike with few friends, it was hell of a ride. This time though we weren’t test the speedometer much, but in all it was fun.

The road was all too smooth, ( strange but true!) We stopped at Saradwadi, near Shirur. The place is famous for Bhel and misal. We had them. It was really good, still the taste is lingering on my lips. (Considering the fact that I am a stern critic of food).

We also went to Mahaganapati at Ranjangaon. It was serene. Felt enchanted out there.

PS: This time I didn’t had my camera, loved to click some shots. Anyways next 2.0 will be more interesting.

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