Saturday, July 17, 2010

पाउले चालती पंढरीची वाट...

रूप साजरे, गोजिरी मूर्ती
घेउनी तुलशी वृन्दावन डोक्यावरती
सांगाया विठुची कीर्ति
पाउले चालती पंढरपूराती|

( i wrote this at 6 am , out of the blue, didn't remember the day. Never thought one day i will going to experience this!!!)

Two days ago, I was off to my mama’s place: Natepute. The reason I was there because almost all my relative(maternal) going to be there, for the palakhi. A Dnyaneshwar mauli’s palakhi going to had a halt at Natepute last Thursday.
I reached there at 11pm. But there were no signs of lassitude in the atmosphere. Streets were pouring of WARKARIS. I had my dinner, and then went off to take a Darshan, but it was a very long queue. If I stand there it must took 3-4 hrs. As I was very tired got back to house.
Very early in the morning, I was very fortunate that I saw palakhi from a very close distance (since our house is very near to highway).
The most important reason because I was there was: RINGAN.
RINGAN: it is a ritual that a mouli’s ashwa (horse) had a three rounds. It consider as a divine tradition. I heard it since my childhood but never had a chance to see one, but this time I was determined!
I heard the almost 400 dindi’s are lined up with palakhi, and almost 2000 trucks were accompanying them. For this reason roads were full. No transportation were available to reach Sadashivnagar( where Ringan was supposed to conduct). But I wasn’t complaining, I walked along with warkaris for an hour. It was a very pleasant experience. I am short of words to describe this. There were young ones as well as aged ones, who had cross 70 but the enthusiasm was stupendous.
I took videos of all such proceedings. Here I am sharing this amazing moments with you.
PS: Here I am uploading only pics, because of dull internet speed!
I am sure u will enjoy the pics as well.


माउलीचा अश्व


  1. missing this dindi and kirtans & all to much :(
    really u r lucky!!!

  2. it was such a nice experience which you have experienced.

    पाऊले चालती पंढरीची वात
    सुखी संसाराची सोडुनिया गाठ
    मन शांत होता पुन्हा लागे ओढ
    तैसा आणि गोड संसाराचा थात्