Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BCCI banned bouncers in domestic cricket.

Yup, Cricket is my favorite sport, but I haven’t written a single post related to cricket yet.

That is somewhat weird, so here I am with wicked cricket post, rather breaking news.

BCCI banned bouncers in domestic cricket.

From our reporter it came out that, recently held BCCI meeting(they supposed to meet select indian team for Asia cup) they came out banning bouncers in domestic cricket.

In a press release they said that….

“Being gentleman’s game we should ban such outrageous act of bowling bouncers to batsman. Bouncers can be proving to be very dangerous to health.” For avoiding bouncers ( yes, because Indian batsman never attack bouncers, except SRT) batman had to do following things.

1. Duck! Yes for avoiding bouncer you have to set your eye on the ball and then duck! So that ball sails over batsman’s head. Sometimes varied bounce can cause lot of trouble. The timing of your ducking may not get right, and you may have to face chin music.(remember Dada).

2. Protect expensive helmet. Yes, our batsman cant afford to splash out money on helmet and such things.( oh yes, they have to save it for IPL nights)

3. Excessive ducking can cause slip disk. Back ache..( Yuvi does not fit in this scheme, because he seems to be lot more flexible shaking his body while dancing on ramp)

BCCI new regulations. ( Though rules can be changed by MCC, but BCCI rules on money power)

- Bouncer will be called no ball, also free hit will be awarded.

- If any bowler bowled two bouncers in an over, he will barred for bowling in the match.

- If bowler bowls bouncer in the match, his 10% match fee will be deducted for each bouncer.

- Bowlers who bowls speedy bouncer, ask to check their speed.( sometimes it gets difficult to spot the ball)

- BCCI will raise this bouncer issue in next ICC meeting. K Shrikanth (chief selector) will meet various cricketing board presidents. He will try to make one opinion on this issue. ( Pawar reportedly lured them stakes in IPL teams, if they co operate.)

PS: West Indian bowlers are thinking of quitting cricket.( of course bouncer is their main weapon.)

For more breaking news stay connected.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here is some technical blah blah…

All we know but don’t know how to handle it. So for all those people this post is might prove to be helpful.
1. In order to use torrents , first download torrent application like utorrent.
2. Go to any torrent site like torrentz or piratebay, search whatever you want.
3. Select torrent which had highest number of seeds and leechers, or the one who has green tick ie nothing but virus free. ( for more about seeds and leechs, googled)
4. Then load the related torrent file and open it on utorrent. Voila!

Its really simple, but now I am going to tell you more tricks.
- In preferences select random port between 45k to 55k.
- In advanced select net maxhalfopen to 100.
- Select torrent in utorrent and choose high bandwidth.
- Preferably chose upload speed least ie 5kbps.
More queries are welcome.

PS: There are more small tricks but u may get lost doing such modifications. Aboves are sufficient.


घुसमटनारया जीवाचा आक्रोश 
दबला जातो आतल्या आत 
जेव्हा विचारच करतात बंड
अन घायाळ करतात स्वताच्या मनाला...


जमले होतो मित्र तीन 
होतो एकमेकांच्या सुख -दुक्खात लीन
वेळ होती रात्रीची 
होती मदिरा साथीला 

वातावरण होते सुमधुर 
होण्यास बेहोष होतो आतुर 
संगीत होते रजनीला
बैठकाही होती सज्ज

भरले चषक
उठले चीत्कार
विसरले सर्व हेवेदावे क्षनापुरते

तनही जाले हलके
मनही जाले बंधनमुक्त करण्या विहार

चशकामागुन चषक जात होते रिचवाले
मनोराज्ये सजावली जात होती
तोडून टाकली सर्व बंधने
जाल्या पुसट सीमा  राज्यांच्या
जाला होता हरेकजन
नरेश स्वताच्या साम्राज्याचा !

PS: This was the poem i had written when i did cheers for the first time( k, i did only once after that..he he)
      * since now i am reading highly intellectual( according to me) book, i am contemplating the prospects of not having a drink again. The reason why  did i booze  totally different. Now decided work according to situation(god! what am i writing, i am hanged)

Monday, June 7, 2010


Well, me and my friend (H.M) just planned for a two day trek, since all others ditched us, we were quite adamant that we can go, but as I was having dinner with my dad, I asked his permission. He coldly said, “No, and don’t ask,why?”
I said ”ok”.

As it was quite clear that my parents feeling very low(they always did, just i realizing it now) about me, and go for 2 day trek in this monsoon , according to them is not a wise idea. Also,who knows! this may be turn out my last vacation. For a surprise, I didn't argue or said something in return. ( strange me, or VP effect)
PS: I did the worst part to convey this message to H M. and assure I owe him a trek.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


It was indeed a clinical performance from Nadal in semis. He won all the matches in 3 setter, such was his dominance that it was very hard for his opponents to break his serve, forget about winning a set.

Now final will be tomorrow, its Soderling( guy who beat Nadal last year) vs Nadal.
Today is women's singles final, between Shivochone and Stostur, both played really great tennis. I am sure it going to be mouth watering clash.

Btw Paes is also in Doubles final. Lets see if he able to clinch his 12th grand slam title.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


पडली होती धूल खात एका कोपऱ्यात
माज्या दुखाची सतार |
बरेच दिवस जाले रियाज काही होत नव्हता
सवयच होत चालली होती जणू काही त्या सतारीलासुधा
बरोबरच आहे,"रोजच मरे त्यास कोण रडे" |

आलवितसे आसवांची तान  
व त्यास ठेचकालानारे पार्श्वसंगीत |

उठली ती आज ज़न्कारून
गेले तनमन शहारून
कोणी छेडली ती तार
जाला तनत्कार
गलबलले साश्रुनयन |

ती गेली तशीच परतून
नाही पाहिले एकदाही वलून |
नव्हती मजलाही कसलीही आशा
न जाणली तिने ही परिभाषा |

छेडलेला राग बसलो पुन्हा आलवित
नव्हता कोणाचाही आधार
होती फ़क्त हाती सतार
फ़क्त हाती सतार |

PS: By far this is one of my favorite poem. Felt very satisfied(although i felt every time i did any poem)  after completing this one, literally soaked into that.


As I was going through newspapers, one news caught my attention. Afjal guru , accomplice who attacked Indian parliament demanded that, he would rather be hanged than kept in solitary confinement cell.

Well I am not going to comment here any political statement out here. Rather I would like to draw attention to one of the important aspect. What are the basic needs of human being?
- Food
- Water
- Shelter
- Conversation.

Yes, that’s true. Every individual expects that there should be somebody who understands him/herself. This basic need (conversation) paved way to evolution of many languages. Etymologists suggest that words are the main ingredient of evolution.

It is only when we talked with somebody then and then we came to know about our self more and more, how we behave in different situations; this cannot achieved by only simulation but conversation.

When we said true reading of a book starts: It is only when we shared the matter with somebody. Nothing excites any author than when his/her becomes talking point of masses. This joy is unmatchable.

PS: Words are mightier than swords.
(While writing this topic I get a feeling that I can explain my point more precisely in Marathi, but since it is very tedious to type in Marathi and I am aware of the fact that how lazy I am, I continue with English.)


Last week i saw KITES. There was a scene when Barbara asks Hrithik how come you say " i love u" in hindi, and he simply said," main ullu ki patthi hu".

As movie was not much intriguing enough, as i was expected i took a ride(vehicle: of course my mind). IT was when i was attending MTTS proggrame in Mysore,one of my friend(an iitian) really liked a girl from FC.(that was a lone chic out there n we were nerd, so...)

OK, thing was that he was real Fattu! Really scared of how to confront her. He was from IITG, and we came to know that there was real scarcity of girls out there! and he was afraid of turning into gay.
So he didnt want to mess this time around. As a good friend of him, we were upto the task to help him out and ease his nerves.

One guy from TFIR had a good rapport with her. so he came and said to him,"Go, and talk with her in French!" my friend replied," why french?"
TIFR:" because she knew French and it will creat good impression on her."
IIT:" but i dont know French at all."
TIFR:" Relax boy, i knew French i will help you out. just mug up few sentences."
IIT: ok, but what i hav to mug.
TIFR:ale aau sesma, ule u anau(i dont remember now exactly)
IIT; but what that really mean?
TIFR: its cool! just hi, how are you? and nice to meet u..
IIT: no bullsh*t?
TIFR: sure.
(Actually it was, it means really nasty!!!)

So Majnu was really upto the task. Mugging up the sentences relentlessly, me, my roomie and TIFR guy was encouraging him up and also having a complete blast.

So after two days of practice, he was feeling a bit confident about the mugged stuff and ready to roar, but the main thing was we had to mention all these to concerned girl, otherwise if she complained, we may had to face expulsion. So again big daddy(TIFR) came to rescue, but it turns out that she was least interested. Her reply was,”why, me?” Now that was hard to answer, why you? ,(God!!!)

So at the end we had very hard time to catch majnu before he talked to her. As soon as lecture was over we able to catch him and told him all the above stuff. Since he was a cool guy, we all had a rocking blast there, everyother looked puzzled.
PS: In Kites, Barbara avenges Hrithik also.

Big Upset

Its been real dissappoint for everybody. Yes, the man is out of French Open. Roger Federer aka RF is out of FO. He was defeated by Robin Soderling,last year finalist who was then defeated by RF, now he avenges that loss.
The condition was overcast but still Robin played his heart out. His thundering service was hard to return for the emperor. Now Nadal had very tough task ahead, because last year Soderling was the man who defeated Nadal. This year French Open may get new winner.
PS: Hats off to RF. Man never lose control even in worst phases.