Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BCCI banned bouncers in domestic cricket.

Yup, Cricket is my favorite sport, but I haven’t written a single post related to cricket yet.

That is somewhat weird, so here I am with wicked cricket post, rather breaking news.

BCCI banned bouncers in domestic cricket.

From our reporter it came out that, recently held BCCI meeting(they supposed to meet select indian team for Asia cup) they came out banning bouncers in domestic cricket.

In a press release they said that….

“Being gentleman’s game we should ban such outrageous act of bowling bouncers to batsman. Bouncers can be proving to be very dangerous to health.” For avoiding bouncers ( yes, because Indian batsman never attack bouncers, except SRT) batman had to do following things.

1. Duck! Yes for avoiding bouncer you have to set your eye on the ball and then duck! So that ball sails over batsman’s head. Sometimes varied bounce can cause lot of trouble. The timing of your ducking may not get right, and you may have to face chin music.(remember Dada).

2. Protect expensive helmet. Yes, our batsman cant afford to splash out money on helmet and such things.( oh yes, they have to save it for IPL nights)

3. Excessive ducking can cause slip disk. Back ache..( Yuvi does not fit in this scheme, because he seems to be lot more flexible shaking his body while dancing on ramp)

BCCI new regulations. ( Though rules can be changed by MCC, but BCCI rules on money power)

- Bouncer will be called no ball, also free hit will be awarded.

- If any bowler bowled two bouncers in an over, he will barred for bowling in the match.

- If bowler bowls bouncer in the match, his 10% match fee will be deducted for each bouncer.

- Bowlers who bowls speedy bouncer, ask to check their speed.( sometimes it gets difficult to spot the ball)

- BCCI will raise this bouncer issue in next ICC meeting. K Shrikanth (chief selector) will meet various cricketing board presidents. He will try to make one opinion on this issue. ( Pawar reportedly lured them stakes in IPL teams, if they co operate.)

PS: West Indian bowlers are thinking of quitting cricket.( of course bouncer is their main weapon.)

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