Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here is some technical blah blah…

All we know but don’t know how to handle it. So for all those people this post is might prove to be helpful.
1. In order to use torrents , first download torrent application like utorrent.
2. Go to any torrent site like torrentz or piratebay, search whatever you want.
3. Select torrent which had highest number of seeds and leechers, or the one who has green tick ie nothing but virus free. ( for more about seeds and leechs, googled)
4. Then load the related torrent file and open it on utorrent. Voila!

Its really simple, but now I am going to tell you more tricks.
- In preferences select random port between 45k to 55k.
- In advanced select net maxhalfopen to 100.
- Select torrent in utorrent and choose high bandwidth.
- Preferably chose upload speed least ie 5kbps.
More queries are welcome.

PS: There are more small tricks but u may get lost doing such modifications. Aboves are sufficient.

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