Monday, May 31, 2010


क्षण ते....
जरासे फसवे |
कधी वाट पाहणारे
तर कधी पलनारे|

क्षण ते....
काही भरकटलेले|
काही उन्मादाचे
तर काही दुक्खाचे |

क्षण ते....
चंदनाच्या कुपित साठाविन्याजोगे
तर काही विस्मृतीत गेल्यासारखे |
काही रेंगालातात मनापतलावर
तर काही उडून जातात अत्तारासारखे
ठेउनी मागे दरवलानारा सुगंध !

PS: since afternoon i am down with stomach bug. Now having rested all throughout its hard to catch sleep now.


PS: Hmmm...finally utilizing my camera for good effect.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


नकळत उभारते रोमांच रोमारोमात
अन शहरते अंगांग
न जाणो कोण्या कल्पनाविलासात
होतो मी दंग

नकळत जाते नजर तिच्याकडे
जेंव्हा सारते ती बट डोल्यावारील
देतात दगा डोळे, साले
जरी असतील आपुले

नकळत होतो स्पर्ष तिचा
जेंव्हा देते मजला ती टाली
त्या स्पर्शाला नसतो वास कोण्या वासनेचा
तरी चुकतो ठोका मात्र हृदयाचा!

नकळत घेतला जातो हात तिचा हातात
तव नयनालिपी अवतरते संभाशनात
उठतात तरंग एकाच वारंवारातेचे
तेंव्हा नकलाताही सारे कलते.

Death Proof

Well its almost been week since i had been celebrating my holiday, yeah really celebrating!!!
I just ate, rest, ate and again sleep thats all(oh i forgot;in between watches French open also)
So, yesterday as i was brousing through some channels( i usually get blanked thinking what really am i searching)

ok, back to the point. I just stopped at Death Proof, yeah Quinteen Torrantino's( i guess i spelled correctly, whatever)movie.
I just able to catch last action scene, and believe me it was breathtaking! It was one one of finest car chases i had seen.

The thing was like that, Kurt Russell, stunt man in movies murders his girlfriends. As he was on mission to kill the one who actually also a stunt women.
so there were in all 3 ladies and one was literally on the bonet, having crazy fun, n then he came, and chase began. Ladies able to shot him and now they were after him. Finally they able to get hold of him.
What was different in the scene was its speed and realness.
PS: heres you tube link. go check out.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

रुपेरी काटा

वेदनाच जेंव्हा सोबतीण बनते
तेव्हा कुठलाच प्रवास मोठा नसतो
काटा कुठेतरी रुतत असतो
एक डोळा हसत तर दुसरा रडत असतो .

स्वताला भेटताना

Well, i am back! After the exams i was not sure whether i will blog again or what, but when i back to home and read one of V P classic MAHOTSAV (celebration) i was really took aback. It was real hard for me to digest such kind of thoughts and slowly realizing the beauty within it. I consider myself really fortunate that i am able to read such kind of literature, but the thing is that it is not enough just read and be feel good and then forget very next day. Its real pleasure when you apply these things in real life.

Really," You never meet the same person again" so all those negative thoughts gone to some galaxy which i havnt explored yet. Now i am feeling really great. Life is a gift. It presents you brand new day everyday. Its totally depend on us how we going to do with that brand new day. I am fortunate enough i have only 3 options.
1. celebrate
2. celebrate
3. (no need to write this one)

PS 1>.So thats me, meeting myself again and its a cool fun. Now reading Suresh Bhat(his poems) and feeling top of the world.

PS2> now having net at home dont feel excited anymore( thats different for me) not feeling good anymore wasting time doing silly browsing.