Friday, December 2, 2011

मन माझे आभाळ

मन माझे आभाळ ,
मन माझे आभाळ 
डोळ्यात तुझ्या शोधसे
डोळ्यात तुझ्या शोधसे
माझ्या श्वासाचे कवडसे
माझ्या श्वासाचे कवडसे
मन माझे आभाळ ,
मन माझे आभाळ ...

PS:  Last 10 mins i was thinking about what to write in PS...


खोल खोल रुतत जाणारी अस्वस्थता,
अश्वत्थांम्यालाही हेवा वाटावा

उसविलेल्या सदऱ्याचीही फिकीर नाही ,
उद्विग्न मनोकल्लोलात वाटे क्षुद्र सर्वकाही

विझलेल्या विस्तवासारखी प्रतिभा ,
मुर्दाड स्थितीतली स्थितःप्रज्ञता

थिजलेला आत्मसन्मान ,
अंधकारमय स्वप्ने अन काळा सूर्य...

P S :  This one is dedicated to kavi Grace. Almost a year ago i wrote this poem.
          Today, i relived those moments while typing these words. Simply Hypnotic!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


भ्रमराने करावी आर्जवे कुसुमाला,
कर रिती थोडी तुझी मधुशाला ! 

पण ती रसिका 
लाथाडीतसे सर्व आवेदने 
न जाणो कोण्या मस्तीत दंग 
असते करण्या प्रकाशाशी संग..

का झुरावे मग भ्रमराने?
का धाव घ्यावी कुसुमाकडे आवेगाने?
त्या वेड्यास काय ठाव ?
रविकिरणापुढे  त्यास काय भाव ?  

बसतो आस लावून,
पाहिलं एकदातरी मजकडे, 
पण ती स्वतातच असते रममाण 
करते वायूशी गुजगोष्टी तर कधी आकाशाशी नेत्रपल्लवी !

होते कल्पनेच्या अश्वावर स्वार 
करते स्वर्गविहार,
भ्रमरालाही हौस भारी 
पण नाही परवडत ही सवारी.

झाले जड नयन जरी 
आले जरी अंधारून तरी 
आस त्याला मोठी भारी 
येईल साद कधीतरी...
होतात तिन्हीसांजा 
पाखरे जातात आपल्या घरा
सुरज जाई दुसऱ्या गावा
वाराही झोपी जावा 

वाटे तिला अनंत एकांत 
पडते मग भविष्याची भ्रांत 
येते मग आठवण भ्रमराची त्या निष्ठुर  हृदयाला ,
देती साद त्याला , घे शोषून मजला 

किंतु  त्याने आता गुंडालीला असतो आपुला गाशा 
हाती असते रिते मधुकुंभ व साथी असते फक्त निराशा...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ticket Please!!!

The excitement of early job days is vanishing as quickly as Indian bowler’s fitness, because of single TICKET Issue.
Whatever may be the work, be it big to minuscule you got to raise a ticket.
These includes -
Telephone line,
System configuration,
Folder Access,

            The other day, a guy sitting behind me, asked to an IT guy (who was standing right in front of him) to raise some query on behalf of him.
IT guy: - Sir, you required to raise a ticket in IT helpdesk. In the subcategory-
IT real time assistance.  :)

            For registering query, you need an ITHD login id. For that also you need to raise a query.
 Even for a bottle of water, office boy asked me to raise a call to pantry.

My favorite pastime is to play a game called match the following.

Issue                           Department
Drawer                         IT
Telephone                    Admin
Login ID                       HR
Brokerage                    IT
Insurance                      IT
I-Card                          Admin
Folder Access              HR
                                                [Reply me the correct matches. :)]

ONLY TICKUT !!!                                                                              

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Questions and Silence !!!

  Just heard that,government had appointed Pranab Mukharji as a mediator. It is indeed a welcome sign. We all hope it will lead to a constructive path and we get a strong lokpal bill, here I am not persisting with Janlokpal bill. Since, it also has few pit holes.

                Dr. Aruna Roy, a member of National Advisory committee ( NAC) also brought third lokpal draft, which seems to be midway between govt. and Team Anna’s lokpal version. Last few days, we are hearing numerous discussions over,
Some of questions are still unanswered..

  • Whether it is right to blackmail govt by this way, by stating deadline till 30th August?
  • Is it fair to call Anna’s fast a Non-voilant Blackmail?
  • Who gave the Authority to Team Anna, to say that they represent India?
  • Is anybody, including Mr. Kejrival worried about Anna’s health, by calling it indefinite fast and saying that it is Anna’s call?
  •  5 lacks is just 0.5 % of total population of India. Do they represent whole India? Who is taking guarantee that, by quickly passing Janlokpal we don’t create another monster?
  • It was collective failure of previous parliaments by failing to reach out strong lokpal bill. Whether this parliament is totally responsible for his predecessors’ wrongdoings?
  • Why govt. is still silent over this issue? What is exactly they are waiting for?
  • Why opposition is still mum on this issue? What they are ultimately aiming by demanding PM’s resignation?
  • Is Advaniji lost his prime? Why they haven’t come up with their own formula?
  • First Abhiskek Manu sighavi, head of Standing Committee asked for 4 months time, now he is saying give us 8 weeks. Why playing number game, start acting now.
  • CNN-IBN proposed a 5 point strategy; it is indeed a welcome sign. But it is govt and at some point Team Anna ( or Mr. Kejriwal) to decide when will they say truce.
  • Roy’s version of lokpal made more sense to me. She proposed 5 divisons of lokpal. What stopping them, to discuss the whole issue, and telecast it?
  • PM’s diminishing authority is worrying me, so as Opposition’s ineffectiveness.
  • Why not call for a special Parliamentary session? 

Lets us hope that , something constructive comes through the process. But don’t abolish parliamentary process. I request Team Anna to lower their stance a bit and have faith in parliamentary democracy.

Friday, August 19, 2011

!!! सरकारनामा !!!

( आली आली रे भागाबाईच्या तालावर )

सरकारला वाटले , कोण हा अण्णा ?
अरे उडवून टाकू याचा सहज फन्ना !
कीतेक आले  अन कीतेक गेले
सारे काही व्यर्थ वाचाल ठरले
पण जेव्हा अन्नाची शक्ती दीसली
तेव्हा सरकारची वीतभर वासली!!!
आली रे आली , सरकारची बारी  आली ...

सरकारला वाटले , काय हे लोकपाल ?
अरे उतार दुंगा  इस्की खाल !
हे बील इतके सारे फीरवू
बघता  बघता सार्यांना वेड्यात काढू .
जेव्हा जन्लोक्पाल्चे तारे दीसले
सरकारचे  मोठ्ठाले डोळे वासले !!!
आली रे आली , सरकारची बारी  आली ..

सरकारला वाटले , कसले हे उपोषण ?
येता जाता , जो तो देतो भाषण !
पोलीसयांच्या आडून करी वार गुपचुप
पण झाले चारीमुंड्या चीत
हे   सावैधानीक अन् ते असावैधानीक ,
घोड्याला गाढव म्हणण्याची
ही पद्धत भारी आधुनीक !!!
आली रे आली , सरकारची बारी  आली ..

सरकारला वाटले , कशाला पाहीजे मैदान
हा तर गल्लीबोलातला खेळ
उडवून टाकु याची दाणादाण
हे पाहीजे , अन् ते पाहीजे
गप बसता का , नाहीतर पाहिजे रत्टे
जेव्हा रामलीलावर दीसेल ताकद जबरी
सरकारला येईल जागीच घेरी!!!
आली रे आली , सरकारची बारी  आली ..
आली रे आली , सरकारची बारी  आली ..


Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am Anna

I am Anna
Time:- 10.07 PM, Wed

All the countrymen, seems to be found themselves in a kind of government imposed stalemate. There are lots of allegations throws towards each other.In this article, I will try to voice my view, by taking one point at a time. I will try my best to remain impartial.
Today, Opposition party gained a somewhat upper hand when PM gave a statement in both house. The demands put by opposition, got green lantern. Which were?
--Release Anna immediately.
--PM should give a statement in the house.
--There will be comprehensive debate on the PM’s statement.

    The current govt. comprises of some distinguished lawyers, who are also ministers, such as P.C. Chidambaram. During Parliamentary discussion over PM statement, I strongly felt that, I was seeing some courtroom drama instead of Parliament session. I am not going into the matter whether oppn. Is trying to gain political mileage or not. Let us focus on Team Anna and Govt stand. The conditions put by police ahead of team Anna were totally outrageous. Some of the conditions are,
>Not more than 5000 people are allowed.
>Utmost 50 two wheelers are allowed.
>Fast will last for at most 3 days.
>No permission for tent.

    In total there were 22 conditions, in turn team Anna agreed on 16 conditions but they denied 6 conditions.
Is congress in future, get abided by all these 22 conditions they put ahead of Team Anna. Will Congress going to abide themselves by all the 22 conditions they
                While arresting Anna, policy said that they are using IPC act 144 C. Agreed, but where was the same act, when Hurriat leaders took conference in the heart of Capital and demand for Separate Kashmir?  Mamata Banergee went on to fast for 30 days against Singur plant. That time there were no such restrictions. Why now? Don’t give such bullshit, like in order to maintain Law and order, Delhi police has to take this action. There was not a single unwanted incident happened since the agitations start.

                Yesterday,In a press conference, our distinguished home minister P.C Chidambaram aka Chanakya  said that, they have no idea that, where is Anna, and on what ground he had been taken into preventive custody? What is happening in this country?   CWG scam; govt. said they had no idea, blame Kalamadi.2G scam, blame Raja. Anna episode, blame Delhi police.  Govt. converted itself into laughing stock.

                We all respect supremacy of parliament. There are no denials that, only Parliament can make laws, but in a free country like India, which boasts of largest democratic country in the world, every citizen has a fundamental right to protest. They (Congress) are saying that respect the Constitution, then what about those fundament rights given by Constitution itself to every citizen of this Country.
Govt. is simply failed to comprehend the enormity of the present situation. They thought, they bashed BABA RAMDEV, they will also thrash Anna. But simply forgetting that there was only one Ramdev, but now everyone is Anna.    We all respect Parliament and Constitution, but sometimes we forget that basic essence of these institutions is Common Man.  If govt. is so vocal about supremacy of Parliament about law making institution, then let us present this JAN LOKPAL BILL in the house. I am not going into intricacies of the bill, but if all the parties think that, one point is not fitting then drop that point but at least step forward. Let us show, will to act.

There is not Magic wand, but there is certainly Magic in the will power.

PS: This article is dedicated to Heramb Gadgil, who came forward and voiced his protest without any fear. Jai hind!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16th August 2011.

All of the country seems to be sitting on a boiling pot named “JAN LOKPAL BILL”.  The way Congress launched venomous campaign against Anna Hazare , it clearly shown Congress in a bad light and also Indian democracy. All the Congress spokesperson talked like they are in a Akhada and willing to do any rada. The senior minister like Kapil Sibbal , Ambika Soni were totally out of their conscience.

               Even today in the parliament Congress  party MLA’s were adamant that the house will not run. What message this act of cowardice give?  People should remind that these are the people whom they elect. How come common people believe that the bill will pass unscathed?

               It is the rulling party who has all the right, what bill they will present. Cleary I felt ashamed to witness all this, in a country where democracy is the supreme.

                If at all congress felt that the proposed bill is not worthy, then let us have a fair parliament session, why govt is so afraid of the bill , since they have all the ultimate power.
                Even Anna said that, Parliament is supreme authority. They just want to make sure that the support for this bill will grow.

Difference between the proposals of Jan LOKPAL BILL & DRAFT LOKPAL BILL
Difference between Draft Lokpal Bill 2010 and Jan Lokpal Bill[8]
Draft Lokpal Bill (2010)
Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's Ombudsman Bill)
Lokpal does not have powers to investigate the prime minister.
Lokpal will have the powers to investigate the prime minister.
Lokpal can only probe complaints approved by the Speaker of theLok Sabha or the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.
Lokpal will have powers to initiate suo moto action or receive complaints of corruption from any citizen if it deems it worthy.
Lokpal will only be an Advisory Body with a role limited to forwarding reports to a "Competent Authority".
Lokpal will have the power to initiate prosecution of anyone found guilty.
Lokpal will have no police powers and no ability to register a First Information Report or proceed with criminal investigations.
Lokpal will have police powers as well as the ability to register FIRs.
The CBI and Lokpal will be unconnected.
Lokpal and the anti corruption wing of the CBI will be one independent body.
Punishment for corruption will be a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of up to 7 years.
Punishments will be a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of up to life imprisonment.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Enter: SAS

          Based on my experience at University (Dept. and Hostel) I wrote few SAS codes….( Don’t  try these codes at home. :))

1.      Refractory:- Earlier the only way out for food was Refractory. The food used to be too awesome! (Pun intended). After few months even you can predict which vegetable you going to get served.

Data Refractory;
                Set  Univ.refractory;
                if vegetable = “green”  then
                put=’impossible event’;

2.       Grades:-

Proc format lib=marks;
                Value grade
                <40 = ‘F’
     >75  = ‘O’

Data grade_sheet;
                Set grades_details;
Format  marks  grade. ;
Put= last.subject;

OUTPUT:              E  D  C  E  E……E  D  F
                                D  D  C  E  E……E  D  F
                                A  D  C  E  E……F  D  E
                                E  D  C  E  E……E  D  F
                                E  F  F  F  E…… F  D  F.
                                Life contingency.

3.       Tiffin:-  Pay anything, quality and quantity will remain intact.

Proc  Optimize data= tiffin;
                Var     limited_subji   paperthin_chapati   tiffin_time;
If time < 9 then;

Output:  The dataset contains zero observations.

4.        Girls Cricket Team :- Being a coach for 2 years, it was real fun to work with
                                      Them.( No pun intended…Lol)

Proc report data=Gcricket;
                Define number / max  ‘No of players interested in playing’;

Output:  No of players interested in playing= 12.
(Selection criteria were very tough. :) )


Sunday, June 26, 2011

They say its 25, and here......

PS :- Location: Tilak hotel.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


  Today is the official last day of my academic carrier. Its not like, i am not going to appear for Actuary paper, but its end of an so called exam era.
                    I am so happy today that henceforth i don't have to suffer the enigma of my irregular study pattern. What i observe in last few days of my academic life is that, i just don't study unless and until it becomes inevitable. So i was pretty relaxed for this exam. I studied Risk theory, Econometrics, finance and survival on the last day only. It was thrilling experience. ( not for faint hearted) All papers were good, and i have gained a world of confidence that given any topic i can crack it in a day or two! 
                 Now since exams are over, the frenetic job search starts immediately. I got to brush up some Statistics and i am sure i will be through. I will miss this relaxed lifestyle a lot. Even during exam period i managed to finish "Durgbhramangatha" by Go Ni Dandekar. Masterpiece!

PS: Next assignment- Raigad.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Motorcycle Diaries 1.0

After finishing my internal I headed straight back to my home. Yeah, literally I was desparatily in search of a place where I can find point blank chaos.

This morning I returned to Pune, but this time I was with my OGF ( old good friend) Sandip, he brought his bike to home and we were travelling back to Pune. We all love long rides a lot. Last June I went to Matheran on a bike with few friends, it was hell of a ride. This time though we weren’t test the speedometer much, but in all it was fun.

The road was all too smooth, ( strange but true!) We stopped at Saradwadi, near Shirur. The place is famous for Bhel and misal. We had them. It was really good, still the taste is lingering on my lips. (Considering the fact that I am a stern critic of food).

We also went to Mahaganapati at Ranjangaon. It was serene. Felt enchanted out there.

PS: This time I didn’t had my camera, loved to click some shots. Anyways next 2.0 will be more interesting.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

काळेभोर डोळे
अन हसरा चेहरा
लाघवी हास्य
अन खट्याळ नजरा
वेड लावी साऱ्या चराचरा | 

जणू काही ठाव नसे असा अविर्भाव
अरे हट !
साफ झूठ,
हि तर जाणिते सर्व तंत्र-मंतरा |

Friday, April 8, 2011

Curious case of Bablu.

We may all wonder that what happened with Bablu so that all of a sudden he is behaving like a guy from other planet! ( yeah, tanu u heard that) So here is in depth analysis done by our own Unipune’s Suresh Kalmadi .

I think that you people are quite aware that, since he has extend his semester, so I his own books he may find it difficult to mix with people who are passing out this june. So question may come up, what about other group? Don’t they going to pass out on the same date? Yeah, according to BCUD rule its right. But still he may want to change his taste. (here conversation type) One hint that Bablu given to his own departure from the group is that , people has changed!( again tanu) I think, he is right. People change every second. If we see through the biology aspect and some application of statistics every second we create dead cells, growth of different species leads to changes every second. So I vehemently support Bablu. People changed.

Other reason he cited for departure is that there is no fun remain in this group. Yeah he is right, because of company of other so called highly intellectual and witty people, there is high probability that his sense of humor peaked new scale. And jokes you people shared in your group are just nonsense. ( chandan jokes!!!)
Also one allegation is that, old group people don’t explore much. (Places like Good luck!!!) . Yes he is right. Change is only constant thing in this universe. One of my ex-student from 2001 batch left his house and went to Gujarat because he didn’t like the taste of water out here. See, this example. People can go to such level; he is just leaving your group. I damn support him. In fact I will tell him to write a letter to Vice-chancellor and propose some innovative ideas like swimming pool in the dept, CCD besides OC…1 number idea.

No adventure remains in old group. I think he is right. You people showed a lot of promise by trekking Rajgad and Harishanadragad in the beginning but it wasn’t enough. Promise has to be like a 5 year plan. You should follow it throughout your MSc. So you can’t blame him to shift his focus to more adventurous (!) people.

The reason cited for departure is that, there is dearth of innovation. out of box names like, zingarya papya , chandan, madan, nandan, sunandan, vandan, sadan, harbhajan.
So I think that, you people has to raise your bar in order to stand in front of Bablu. Mind it!!!

PS: This post contains lots of mystic fragrances. I, being amateur, tried my hand at something different. I appreciate the fact that people understood me, it happens; because of some constraints my hands were tied. Though, I tried my best. I have full respect for those people whom I mentioned in the post. This was just a stress buster!!! Love you all :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Non- STop

Yeah , i am again getting bored in the classroom, thanx to my ever irregular concentration. So i need to engage myself, here comes my best buddy: Poems...
Today i was kind of (self proclaimed) on a roll. lolz...
So i scribbled few are they.

भर उन्हात चालताना पाणपोई दिसू देत,
माझ्या काटेरी स्वप्नांना  तुझ्या आठवनीचे गुलाब येऊ देत ,
विझानारया  दिव्याला जरासा आडोसा मिळू देत,
कधीतरी माझ्याही दारी वळवाचा पाउस पडू देत....

In between my friend was struggled to pen down his (!) thoughts...
so the inspirational lines....:)

तुझ्या कल्पनांना शब्दांचे माहेर मिळू देत,
या कोऱ्या कागदावर भावनांचे पाट वाहू देत...

work resumes....

ना कळेना 
ना उमगेना 
ना कुणास ठाऊक 
काटा कुठे रुतलेला!

मन भरकटलेले 
उलघाल संपेना 
ना कुणास ठाऊक 
काटा कुठे रुतलेला!

डोळे शोधिसी कुणा 
या हृदयास उमजेना 
ना कुणास ठाऊक 
काटा कुठे रुतलेला!

भलभलनारी जखम 
बधीर तनमन 
ना कुणास ठाऊक 
काटा कुठे रुतलेला!

ध्यास अशक्याचा
पाया कमकुवत भक्तीचा 
ना कुणास ठाऊक 
काटा कुठे रुतलेला!!!

PS:- Finally time flies, and i am free!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 th March 2011......

Today morning i was reading an article about hype surrounded about Ind- Pak match and I cant hide my excitement and and ohh my god i am too excited for their 30th March semifinal affair at Mohali.
No doubt today Ind will beat helpless Aussie, i am not worried at all about today's match. 30 th March going to be a big day.
Shoaib will retire after this match. I love that bowler, menace on the field.

PS:- Gargi, you owe me a treat...

Thanx Cricinfo, very informative and spell bounding articles. I fancy reading PLAYS article after each match. Too good and hilarious.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flat pitch

Yesterday, we played Student-Teacher friendly match. It was fun, considering the fact was we won by keeping just an over spare, so it was a close shave. Though it was our second string team, boys showed lot of class so do teachers. Kale, Pandit and Ladkat sir were simply amazing. Pandit sir has got a nice bowling sense and amount of measured flight he was giving to his delivery it was very difficult to put them out of block. Kale sir was very athelatic as he was last year, but this time Man of the match was Pandit sir for his skilled bowling effort.

PS:- Most pleasing moment on a field are...
1) To see the stumps get uprooted and fly in the air, sheer fast bowlers delight.
2) Let ball go high in the air and sailed beyond the rope and slowly watched its trajectory.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

That wasn't fair...

Its really getting hard to digest india's dismal performance against SA.

One suggestion- switch off your TV as soon as SACHIN gets out.

"9 wickets for 29 runs."
Dad was repeating this dialogue whole day.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back to awesomeness!!!

Though seems to stranded nowadays,
unabashed uncommon we were,
but the unattainable lit our eyes blue,
we were the boys of aimless clue!!!

Well well guys...the boys are back again with a bang!!!
Of course i am talking about Facebook community.."Fergusson Hostelites who rocked the year 2003-05"
Total chaos...though we are little bit matured( really?) now but when it comes to interacting with them, age holds no bar...

Everybody is elated.Reunion is on the cards....