Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ticket Please!!!

The excitement of early job days is vanishing as quickly as Indian bowler’s fitness, because of single TICKET Issue.
Whatever may be the work, be it big to minuscule you got to raise a ticket.
These includes -
Telephone line,
System configuration,
Folder Access,

            The other day, a guy sitting behind me, asked to an IT guy (who was standing right in front of him) to raise some query on behalf of him.
IT guy: - Sir, you required to raise a ticket in IT helpdesk. In the subcategory-
IT real time assistance.  :)

            For registering query, you need an ITHD login id. For that also you need to raise a query.
 Even for a bottle of water, office boy asked me to raise a call to pantry.

My favorite pastime is to play a game called match the following.

Issue                           Department
Drawer                         IT
Telephone                    Admin
Login ID                       HR
Brokerage                    IT
Insurance                      IT
I-Card                          Admin
Folder Access              HR
                                                [Reply me the correct matches. :)]

ONLY TICKUT !!!                                                                              


  1. dude.... tickets are used to track the usage and necessity. they are used to help purchase dept wth the forecasts. Also, if you raise a ticket, u have a say when the complain was launched and who followed which process.
    Too much of IT, i understand, is hectic, but it just helps you guys with more statistics and more statistical jobs. :P

  2. Ha ha.. that's a warm welcome to the 'corporate' ways of functioning. Welcome aboard, as the pirates say! :)