Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday I was having a lunch very late…(due to assignment submission). when I was havin d one at OC wid my friends. Then some girls came to us…
Girls:- hi…
Us:- hi.
G:- V r from Psychology dept..
U :- (?)
G:- v r doin some v want some subjects..So r u interested?
U:- Hmmm…yes why not!..( They were good lookin so no point in…)

So v headed straight 2 Psycho (sry Psychology) dept… Amongst they themselves distributes d subjects…My introgetter was some Irani girl (that is wat I figured out from her pronunciation).

They didn’t reveal wat was d test, n wat was d project…but they promised dat it will gonna take only 10-15 mins. dats why v were ready 2 entertain them(ow v were lot busy:-)..
So d test(?) starts…

Introgetter:- what is ur name?
I:- Na..cha..chi..ka..ta..
M:- yes ur right!
I:- (at first some introductory ques)..then where do u live?
M:- hostel!!!
I:- Do u distribute works amongst ur room-mates?
M:- what? (?)…v hardly do any work in d room…v r at our clumsy best!!! it saves time…(4 wat?)
I:- ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
M:- ?
I:- Do u mix wid people easily?
M:- yes( except professors)

There were some light questions..n my easy d end of session I had 2 submit one questionnaire…There were 54 questions…but it seems dat I m attemptin d same questions again n again…finally I complete dat mountainous task…n headed back 2 my dept.

PS: All of us enjoyed lot…will surely want 2 become subject again!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


All d time in d day I wasn’t sure whether I should write or not…D feeling was irritating…I always cherish these small moments which inspire me 2 write…but today I was in a deep grief…My grandpa passed away last Sunday…

I was shocked when my dad called me…bcoz just last week I met him n he was doin gr8…it was just an attack n all lost…

I guess I became more emotional ever since I started reading Va Pu’s books…It was a bit hard 4 me 2 accept d fact…but somehow I gather d courage. I felt lot sorry 4 my mother. she sacrificed everything just 2 look after him…

I remember I read one book on Death or thought about deaths by Khushwant Singh(I forget d title)…Yes, everyday v hav 2 leave dis world…wat is count at d end of d day dat how u lived d lyf…

I read all those thoughts lot of times but never thought a lot on this. I just remember a say (though I m unable 2 present it completely) it goes like this. “.. as if u die 2moro”. In Munnabhai MBBS jimmy shergil came 2 know dat he had a fatal disease n he had very few days in his hands…n at dat time he realized though he was grown up but never tasted d lyf. At dat point he decided he will gonna do wat his heart will guide( I termed dis as following ur instincts)…but it’s not good dat all d time v will hav 2 wait 4 this signal…why just v cant live as v wished? A smile, a thanx, some warm words, a sorry, some words of appreciation, a hug , a small pat on d back will do d business, but v were so miser dat v hardly did this even if v wanted .

Yes all d time in our lyf v were bind by some social or any other taboo…v wanted to do something what v feel inside but afraid of wat people will think or wat so called society will say…

V all r materialistic. The radius of our lyf-circle is very small…n v all r happy revolving d same periphery again n again…nothing comes 2 mind like expanding d horizon. Sometimes I wished why did I read all dis one? its better 2 b ignorant sometimes….

Lyf is such a gr8 dat it gives a brand new day…why? just to forget if something bad happened wid us yesterday…n cherish bright moments ,take inspiration from them n be happy n make other happy…instead we all happy wid our sorrowful past. Always chewing wat went wrong wid us…Make ur slate of lyf blank every day. Face each moment with lot of affection.

In Partner(classic by VP)…there was a quarrel between wife n husband…n he was sure dat she not gonna speak wid him at least 3 days…they went to respective offices without talkin to each other…During day she had 2 follow some funeral…dat time she realized, How small m i? m gonna waste my 3 days just bcoz of some misunderstanding. she felt ashamed of her…when she backed from office she talked a lot wid her husband. He was baffled. but only she knew d value of these moments, which she gonna b missed…

some cellular company’s ad goes like this..”Make d most of now”. Yes v hav 2 do d same…it matters less if things go wrong but at least u hav dat satisfaction dat u heard ur inner voice instead following others blindly…

PS:- All those thoughts comes 2 my mind when I alone…though I present it in a messed up manner..but they r just they r…

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lying 2 myself

Donno what I was upto…
Donno where I was heading…
The noise was deafening
It was so unlike me
I was sure all was gonna be fine..
But inside
But inside
I was lying 2 myself…

Donno what I was looking for…
I thought everyday will be another day
but the same old story repeated
It was so unlike me
I was sure all was gonna be fine..
But inside
But inside
I was lying 2 myself…

Donno what was inline 4 me….
There were some theories
There were some practices
I thought I was optimistic
but did sounds like pessimistic
The line was becoming misty
It was so unlike me
I was sure all was gonna be fine..
But inside
But inside
I was lying 2 myself…

Donno who was he?
who always believed in pluck rather than luck
saying only “ All is well” was not gonna be enough…
It was so unlike me
I was sure all was gonna be fine..
But inside
But inside
I was lying 2 myself…

Donno if I liked d situations…..
Donno whether my heart was pounding over or not…
I faced them all but now I am tired…
Its so unlike me
I am sure alls gonna be fine..
But inside
But inside
I am lying 2 myself…

PS:- i guess d moments r coming really fast... :)


Yesterday was Antakshari 2010 day…
Hmm…I was a bit skeptical about whether I should participate or not. I do listen songs but remember only starting lines…what they say all about “Mukhada?” n all those is not my cup of tea.Last week our trip went 2 Harne…In between while playing Antakshari in bus my friend was prompting me…but my response was, ”Are yaar, prompt first 2-3 lines not just one… so that at least I can sing something(?)”…Remembering lyrics is always d toughest thing. Forget about English songs I m even bad at Hindi songs irrespective of whether they r very famous or not.(here I m barring myself commenting on latest Hindi songs…most of them contains very alien words which I never heard in my lyf)

So far now u hav very good idea about how m I good (?) at all these (songs) things…

Back 2 Antakshari…
I had a partner who was very good at all above things(!!!)…so I was relaxed (n he was perplexed)…but it turned out to be dat In buzzer round v guessed 3 songs correctly (unbelievable)…so v were on high…until dat Dumb Charades round came…

When host announces dat (Dumb Charades) particular round , we were like seeing each others dumb faces… After some grueling discussion we decided(?) dat I will do d acting business n he will do d guessing part!!!

Until our turn comes v were boosting each other falling confidence. n d time came…I went up…d movie name was “CHAMELI” . we had 2 minutes. We had 2 do all those things in those 2 mins like….
- guessin correct movie name
- correct actors name
- n one song from dat movie…(hush…even I felt like sweating writing this now)

So d time had started…I was total clueless. How to act on that word? my partner was doing all such right things…in between encouring me also (or begging) yaar kuch to acting kar….I had a thought dat…those 70 mins in Chak De was more easy than these 2 mins…In a last attempt I even did some weird Mujra type acting…by then he already gave up…in d end we finally scored 0 In dat round…n throw out of d competition.(which was eventual)…

After dat Antakshari everybody was like pointing a gun loaded wid full of suggestion( on chameli) on me…
Few of them r as follows…
- Act like smelling a flower (OMG yes chameli is a flower I forget dat at dat time)..
- Act like eating wid spoon (chammach) den break d word cha…like dat do d rest of d letters.
- Point 2 Chandu( my friend who was present at dat time)…break d letter cha…n then act like dying (meli or mela, in marathi)…cha+meli
- Do some Karina stunts n let him guess her movie…(how can I do Karina stunts?)
- one horrible suggestion from my partner: Act like some reptile on d tree…which he thought either gecko or chameleon…n then he will came down 2 chameli (from chameleon)
- Dance on d song “main saat samunder chod…like dat”…(if I was good at dancing then it was more easy 2 act, later ven they saw d vdo they learned dat it was useless suggestion…)
- Other suggestions were totally outrageous ….which I can’t describe here (!!!)

But at d end of day one of my friend gave me good lessons about dat particular(horrible) round…so lets c whats in line 4 Antakshari 2011…

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well last few days I m facing very strange kind of reaction from my some of hostel friends(some of them I don’t know at all) …

   The conversation goes like this….

 Unknown person:- r u Nachiket?

Me:- yes

UP:- Do u know who was Nachiket?

Me:- Yes( Still confused wat he tryin 2 indicate)

UP:- So…..

Me:- ???

UP:- Tell me d whole story…

Me:- Yes mylord…


           Now  at first I was very eager 2 tell all those things…. But now every 2-3 days someone comes…n above conversation repeats…


Now im gonna do some search n give some insight about d name NACHIKET..

Nachiketa (Sanskrit:नचिकेता, IAST: Naciketā) was a son of an ancient Indian sage of the name Vājashravasa. He was taught Self-knowledge, the truth about the human soul, by Lord Yama. "In this context (Vājashravasa) refers to what may be called exoteric religion, the tradition about the sustaining power of the Universe which has been heard and handed down through generations. It is as a symbol of such exoteric religion that the man Vājashravasa speaks and acts." Nachiketa, who was offered to Yama to find a place in Heaven by his father, "is derived from 'na chiketas,' that which is unpercieved and refers to the quickening Spirit that lies within all things like fire, latent in wood, the spirit that giveth as opposed to Vājashravsa, the letter which killeth." Nachiketa with his wits learnt the wisdom taught by Yama (the god of Death), found the path of realising Brahman / Moksha i.e. emancipation of the soul from rebirth.

The story of the conversation between Nachiketa and his teacher Yama is the teaching of the Kathopanishad. Vājashrava, desiring a gift from the gods, made offerings of all he owned. But the kind of cows that he had were old, yielding no milk and worthless; not such as might buy the worshiper a place in Heaven. Vājashravasa's son, Nachiketa would have his father make a worthier offering. To his sire he spoke: "To which god wilt thou offer me?" "To Death do I give thee".

Nachiketa thought: "I shall be neither the first nor last that fares to Yama. Yet what will he do with me? It shall be with me as with others." So Nachiketa went his way to Death's wide home, and waited there three days; for Death was on a journey. When Death returned, his servants said: " A Brahman guest burns like a fire; Nachiketa waits three days unwelcomed; do thou soothe him with an offering of water, for all is lost to him in whose abode a Brahman waits unfed."

Then Death spoke to Nachiketa: "Since thou, an honored guest, hast waited in my house three days unfed, ask of me three boons in return, I shall grant them". Then first he prayed: " Grant to my father peace and to know and welcome me when I return." Yama answered: "Be it so." Nachiketa asked again: " In the Heaven-world there is no fear; there is neither hunger, nor old age, nor fear of death. Reveal to me the sacred fire that leads to Heaven and immortality." Then Yama described the sacred fire- what stones for its altar, and how disposed; and Nachiketa said it over, learning the lesson taught by Yama. Yama spoke again: " I grant thee, furthermore, that this sacred fire be known for ever by thy name; thine is the fire that leads to Heaven, thy second boon."

Nachiketa asked again: " The great mystery of what cometh after death; he is, some say; others say, he is no more. This great doubt I ask thee to resolve." Yama replied: " Even the gods of old knew not this; this is a matter hard to be learnt; ask me any other boon only ask not of death." But Nachiketa insisted to resolve mystery after death and no other boon. Yama explained that the goal of sacred wisdom, of goodly works and faith, is Om! This word is Brahman, the supreme. He who doth comprehend this word, whatever he desires is his.

Thus having learnt the wisdom taught by Yama, and finding Brahman, Nachiketa was freed from death. The details of the story is narrated in Garuda Purana.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


मी काही म्हणणार नाही
मी तिच्याकडे पहावे
तिनेही पहावे
मी नजरेतून सर्वकाही सांगावे
पण तिच्या नयनाचा थांगच लागत नाही
तरीही मी काही म्हणणार नाही

मी तिच्यासाठी lecture बुडवावे
तिची वाट बस स्टोपवर पहावी
तिच्या फ़क्त एक नजरेसाठी जुँरावे
पण तिने दूँकुनही न पहावे
तरीही मी काही म्हणणार नाही

नंतर ओळख वाढवत न्यावी
तिनेही सर्व गार्हाने ऐकवित
मी ही सर्वकाही मनामोकले सांगावे
पण तिच्या वागण्याचा अर्थाचा न कलावा
तरीही मी काही म्हणणार नाही

मी वाईट मित्रांची संगत सोडून द्यावी
सीगारेटला स्पर्शाच न करावा
तिच्यासाठी मन मारावे
पण तिने प्रशंसेचा शब्दही न उच्चारावा
तरीही मी काही म्हणणार नाही

कॉलेज संपले सेंड ऑफ जाला
माजी नजर फ़क्त तिलाच शोधत होती
तिनेही माज्याकडे यावे
अन म्हणावे Best of luck for future
अन मी फ़क्त डोळ्यांनी सांगावे ...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Let me catch that one moment…

Yesterday I was not at all ready to get out of my bed. I felt lot tired because of sports events which r on…I even skipped jogging…As I was moving aimlessly in d bed, bed-bugs were still playing hide n seek wid me…I guess it was around 8am…I got hold of some lines n I thought I had to catch dis moment…I drew my notebook (which had lot of empty space)..n I scribbled those lines…n to my surprise within 3-4 minutes I made a poem...with full 5 stanzas…I knew it was raw…but d feeling was awesome…

Well I read all about that… it is d just one moment, a moment of a good thought ,a nice plot, some catchy lines goes through ur mind n nice thing is that u never know until that moment comes dat u can do this…its like some eternal power sending his message…its so divine…

Everybody craves for dat one moment…u need to hav patience…

I really felt blessed dat last few days I was able to hold those moments…

Sunday, February 7, 2010


My result was declared last week. I my GPA was 5 out of 6. I got O(outstanding) in 4 subjects…I m loner in d class who got O in Economics

In spite of this I don’t feel much happy…I really don’t know d exact reason but I don’t feel elated anymore if I excel in studies…I guess d reason may be my bleak past. I think dat I still not got over this…I feel lack of inspiration to study. I find out lot hard to do regular study. I struggle within myself…

Well one of my friend in M. Sc. who scored above 90% in Graduation…this time failed in one of d subject…since he failed in only one subject he was eligible for retest (second life). And what I heard he is quite confident dat this time he will return victorious…

WHERE R V GOING? A guy who is capable of topping d chart find it difficult to clear d subject n retest in same subject gives chance to go forward…what was he doin all d time? He knew already 3 months back when his final exam was…n if I talked about RETEST… u hav 2 follow all d procedure… first u hav 2 apply for retest to d concerned prof n if he gives green signal then retest will conduct in next 3-4 days…. I guess month’s time is lot more than just 3-4days…

This thing happened wid one of d scholar student, what will a normal student do ?
When this happens I lost my faith in this education system…
Ø GPA- Grade Point Average

Being Nachiket

I asked my friend to be cheerful in her post..but I sincerely think that blog is d place where u expressed ur feelings, things which u wanted to share…irrespective of what others think…

Now I will gonna do d same…(its not like dat my earlier posts were framed)..But now im really feeling low… Reason is my weird behavior on d ground…Our depts. annual sports events were on. and on Thursday there was match between Senior girls n Junior ones…

Being coach of junior team I was lot active n vocal on d field…givin all d instructions n maneuvering the field and side by side taking objections to umpiring decisions..
End result was dat I had argument wid one of my best friend…I lost my cool, composure…I barked some nonsense. It was only his kind heartedness dat he didn’t lost his cool…n situations didn’t do out of control.

I felt lot more guilty…more so I was angry wid my strange behavior…
I always follow some simple rules…

· Try ur best possible not to hurt anyone.
· Anger is one word away from danger.
· Be happy n apply efforts 2 make others feel happy.

But it seemed dat I was out of character…
It was more like…

· Try ur best possible to hurt anyone.
· Be unhappy n apply efforts not 2 make others feel unhappy.

Yes sometimes its lot difficult is being nachiket. I apologize all d one whom I hurt unintentionally.

As I was hoping dat situation will calm down..then this email fiasco happened. I really felt ashamed of that. I can’t expressed my helplessness…
I can only hope dat concerned person will accept my apology n things will b normal.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love this game: Bridge

Yes, I can’t stop myself writing this post at 1am…As I already said our department’s annual days are celebrating this week, n I am much into it.(in fact a lot:). One prime reason is that Cricket is there n also two favorite games…

But this time I was thinking participating in Carom also! I had a dinner n just thinking of playing carom, I was practicing wid my seniors. Tempo was raising high…and and and the phone rang!!! Senior girls were asking for carom pieces, and my seniors were most obliged to give them all. I guess they are afraid of them.(just guessJ maybe they respect them..hmm I don’t know why am I writing this.)..

Ok...back to subject (digression no 1). So we decided let’s play Bridge..As writing blog was the dream which I hold for the long time, the same I can say about Bridge. But I learned bridge last semester quite quickly(my seniors says that)no intention to indicate that how quick learner am I (ha ha ha) I know d joke was pathetic..(digression no 2). So we started playing d game..Earlier everybody was cautious in their own approach.

Interest was increasing by each passing game..But d last two games were outstanding!!! No prize for guessing that we had the last laugh:). Me n my partner laugh our a*s out by seeing d helpless n full of disbelief faces of our opponent.(again digression )..k let me explain..(i can’t help if u don’t know bridge!)

In d second last game I was bidding no trump..My partner had his hands up..and opposite side were sure that they can pull this game..Meantime I changed my call to 3 hearts.. Tension was increasing…n call was stop at opposite side calling 3 no trump..i was the one who will do opening..n it turned out that I made consecutive 10 hands. We won d game..Opponents were shell-shocked..Well they didn’t know that more was coming for them…now spectators were coming…

Last game was perfect example of how to complement your partner. Again call was stopped at other I don’t remember how exactly d game went..but v were playing in a very good sync..again our opponent could afford the luxury of displaying d same emotions..Me n my partner celebrate the victory in grand style..(Again laughed our…..) Now I don’t have any energy left to laugh at even my room-mates jokes( at least this time they were good)…