Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love this game: Bridge

Yes, I can’t stop myself writing this post at 1am…As I already said our department’s annual days are celebrating this week, n I am much into it.(in fact a lot:). One prime reason is that Cricket is there n also Chess..my two favorite games…

But this time I was thinking participating in Carom also! I had a dinner n just thinking of playing carom, I was practicing wid my seniors. Tempo was raising high…and and and the phone rang!!! Senior girls were asking for carom pieces, and my seniors were most obliged to give them all. I guess they are afraid of them.(just guessJ maybe they respect them..hmm I don’t know why am I writing this.)..

Ok...back to subject (digression no 1). So we decided let’s play Bridge..As writing blog was the dream which I hold for the long time, the same I can say about Bridge. But I learned bridge last semester quite quickly(my seniors says that)no intention to indicate that how quick learner am I (ha ha ha) I know d joke was pathetic..(digression no 2). So we started playing d game..Earlier everybody was cautious in their own approach.

Interest was increasing by each passing game..But d last two games were outstanding!!! No prize for guessing that we had the last laugh:). Me n my partner laugh our a*s out by seeing d helpless n full of disbelief faces of our opponent.(again digression )..k let me explain..(i can’t help if u don’t know bridge!)

In d second last game I was bidding no trump..My partner had his hands up..and opposite side were sure that they can pull this game..Meantime I changed my call to 3 hearts.. Tension was increasing…n call was stop at opposite side calling 3 no trump..i was the one who will do opening..n it turned out that I made consecutive 10 hands. We won d game..Opponents were shell-shocked..Well they didn’t know that more was coming for them…now spectators were coming…

Last game was perfect example of how to complement your partner. Again call was stopped at other end..now I don’t remember how exactly d game went..but v were playing in a very good sync..again our opponent could afford the luxury of displaying d same emotions..Me n my partner celebrate the victory in grand style..(Again laughed our…..) Now I don’t have any energy left to laugh at even my room-mates jokes( at least this time they were good)…


  1. enough of digression..lets see how u hv regression..:P lolz..
    and u don't dare take panga with ur senior(girls).. :D i even know u ran away to get away from Karuna's bang... :P
    I am not still acquainted with bridge, but there is a desire to learn and play..if u really like it, start getting into its probabilistic aspects..i heard they are cool!!

  2. yes, yes now i really hav 2 focus on regg..

  3. hey, i was d only senior who refused 2 give coins 2 gals. You hav 2 mention d exception

  4. @vinay:-are haan yaar,i should hav explain dis!