Friday, January 29, 2010

Annual days...

Much anticipated Annual days started yesterday..Yesterday was Black n White day..It was celebrated without much hype n hoopla. As juniors we were a bit low profile yesterday. Well, senior girls were came hard on their counterparts for not showing much enthu.So as a result seniors were lot determined to give their best shot today.

Today was Tie n Sari day. Seniors (hostellites) dressed quite emphatically.(they have to).They looked better than PUMBA guys(management ppl).We had a very hard tim
e to tie a tie!!! At last somehow we manage that. To my surprise all my fellow classmates turns into sari (I wasn’t expecting that).All girls (senior+junior) were looking great. I guess every girl looks great in sari :) .It seems that my Actuarial class came to life. First term gave hard time 2 everybody. We all had a great time together…Clicked lot of pictures. One of my classmate was Mr. B n W, so he gave us a treat at old canteen. It was total blast out there. We sign out after discussing a lot about what to do on traditional day.(still v r confused)…


  1. lols...tie a tie..thats funny..

    we had these days..and yesterday looking at u ppl wanted to go to my days..that was so nostalgic..those sarees...snaps everywhere with every one :(
    so today.. im looking ahead the twin pairs..lets see wats up..enjoy!!!

  2. Hey very nice written ... I liked it...//

  3. thanx a lot..ur appreciation is inspiration 4 me...