Friday, January 22, 2010

Live free die hard

For the last 5-6 days I cannot stop thinking myself about the burning topic the state is facing now..The recent suicides by students really shook government as well as so called society from its ground. The CM also called meeting to discuss the issue.

As I was reading the article in the newspaper about these suicides (there was almost 20 suicides in last week happened) about the students who committed the suicides the writer was very particular about the reason behind the suicides.
I. The fear of failure in the exam..
II. Extra expectations laden by the parents..
III. Sense of insecurity among students..
IV. Innermost feeling that nobody understands d problem they are facing…

Well one thing was common in all the cases was there was lack of communication between the students and parents..As I was thinking that only students who were not good at study do such things, but I was shocked to hear that a scholar girl from Mumbai committed suicide because her parents won’t allow her to practice dance(which she was good at) and forced her to study. Of course she took a very drastic step. (I am fully against of that.).The parents now regretting their act. Well the matter of fact that every person wants his child must succeed in the rat race, there is nothing wrong in that, but sometimes it is not possible for everyone to do so..

There will be some stormy discussion happen on this topic, some reformist might suggest some solution, but nobody can guarantee that when it will stop..
We all agree that it is not possible to stay calm n composed in d troubled situations all the times, but I think it is the godsend opportunity to strengthen our mindset!!!

Some mind boosters:-
1. Be urself.
2. Have immense faith in your abilities.
3. Have at least one hobby, be it reading, games,music. This will help you to unplugged.
“Education teaches you how survive, a hobby teaches you how to live!”.
4. Talk to your parents, friends or teachers or anybody whom you are comfortable, whenever you feel low. There is nothing wrong to discuss your weak point. “Pobody is Nerfect”.

All I hope it will end soon, because it sucks a lot when you read those news…


  1. When every one got the exact slogan of 3 IDIOTS movie, i.e mantra of Ranchoddas Baba," Bachha Kabil banane ke liye PaDHO, success zuck marke tumhare piche aayegi". then this suicide attemt will be under control......

  2. @AJINKYA:- lets hope so...its all in our mind.(n u know that)