Wednesday, January 27, 2010

26th January.....

As a newbie blogger I was wondering what will keep me to continue to write, or do I able to garner same enthu which I shown creating d blog.(hmm now I can think I can write becoz from above lines I can figured out that I can make something out of nothing)..Jokes apart, I will share some yesterday’s instances…

It was India’s 61th Republic Day..I got up early to attend Flag Hoisting ceremony held at University Main Building. Chief Guest was V C Dr. Adsul sir (obvious choice). As recorded National Anthem was about to start there was some technical glitches, so we have to sing our own. Some might think this as a act of disrespect (tech glitches), but I think we have lot of issues in front of us to worry about rather thinking about that. The speech was brief and energetic..There were some respectable attendance which surprised sir also..(maybe younger generation afford to sacrifice some sleep). Then we wander here n there, took some pictures n then back to hostel..

Yesterday was like a boxing day. We had a cricket match. I was playing for University Club. It was indeed a very big tourney.(total teams=68). Our match was scheduled at 2pm. We were there around 12..We had a lot of time in our hand so we decided to have a walk around d campus.(rather than wasting time doing catch practicing).The tourney was scheduled at d Agriculture ground,shivajinagar..The campus was big..One of our team member was a lot vocal about how d shooting of “Munnabhai MBBS” carried out in d campus. Main building became Hospital. We saw a lawn where Munna gave ride to Yeda Anand(straight from narrator).then we saw d Hostel where d shooting took place. After doing all d sightseeing we came back to ground.

We won d toss n elected to bat. We posted decent score. But our bowlers took a very bad beating, ultimately we lost d match..

After match introspection…..

I think I took Cricket very seriously last week. Cricket was all over me. I hardly studied. All d time I was thought about how to strike d right balance between d studies n things apart from studies. n I hardly got any success..I only studied when I had no option but to study..I hate that thing..n then I hate being Nachiket..Now I think d time has come, Regression seems like distant thing. I have to gear up…

God…I love this situation!!!

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  1. heyy..its okk about match..nd i guess theres lot more about them yet to come..senior junior matches...:P
    gear up fast and catch regression never know ..:O
    All the best