Friday, August 31, 2012



जरी असला एक धातूचा तुकडा
तरी उधलतो सारे रंग हा
जरी स्वतालाच न पाहू शकला हा
दाखवितो इतरांचे बाह्यरंग हा

ललनांचा हा सखासोबती
वार्धक्याशीही वैर नसे
कोणीही यावे पाहुनी जावे
स्थितप्रदन्य राही हा बापुडा

रुपडे असो कितीही सुंदर
क्षणभंगूर सौंदर्याची व्यर्थता जानतो हा
जरी असेल चौकट कितीही लोभसवाणी
पारयाशी इमान राखतो हा

हवी एक दृष्टी
हवे नवे आत्मभान
आपुलेच गुणदोष नीरक्षीरन्यायाने दाखविणारा
कोणी नसे सखा यासम ....



आरशात भलताच दूसरा कोणी
मीच मला अनोलखी
काळे डोळे, रुंद कपाळ
सावला रंग
शांत चित्र
सुंदर व गहिरे ....

निर्जीव डोळे
डोळ्यातून आत जाणारी वर्तुळ
वर्तुलातुन निघणारी अगणित अंतर्गत भोवरे
आतच आत जाणारी
खोल खोल
अंधारातून अंधाराकडे ........

मंद गहिरा श्वास
अविरत चालणारी धड़धड
कानोसा अस्पष्ट धड़धदीचा
मंद अतिमंद
हरविलेले भान
अमुर्ताचा हव्यास  ....

हवेत भिरभिरनारा मनपक्षी
उंचच उंच जाणारा
आडवा तिड़वा उड़नारा
सरळ खाली येणारा
एका डोळ्यातून दुसरया डोळ्यात पाहणारा
आराशासमोर  येताच टक लावून बघणारा ....


Monday, August 27, 2012

कविता करताना.......

Today, I was going through my old posts, especially poems. I was amused to see, how words were flowing at that time. Nowadays I don’t write much, but keep scribbling something every now and then. It’s a great fun to visit your old thoughts, uncanny perspective. Most of the times my reaction was, ”WTF, what is this? “
I don’t like the stuff, which was like godsend to me, at some point,
                        Most of the poems creates a void. God knows what about unpublished ones?J  Though they gave me momentary happiness, but that is not the work I am very proud of…
            Today I am going to publish one of my latest creations, which at present, seems OK to me, but…

हृदयाची संथ धडधड
निस्तब्ध कंपने ,
थरथरता श्वास
कोरडी पटले....

सुन्न करणारी मंद घणघण,
थंड  रक्तात बुडविलेले हात
कठड्यावरील हेलकावे
आभासी सळसळ....

शांत अशांत
अचल निश्चल ....

PS: Lol..I have to update my library…
      ( I dare, to find some sense in above nonSENSE :) )

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Very Very Sad

It was indeed a sad week for Indian cricket. One of its marquee player retired from international cricket. VVS aka Very Very Special Laxman was a real treat to watch.
            I felt a deep void when Dravid retired, but when I learned that VVS is also retired,
I felt really bad. These two gentlemen not only served for the country but gave an enormous amount of pleasure to the cricketing world. Test cricket, is the ultimate cricket. And boy, how they succeed in that format!
A roaring bowler, bending his back, and in return, shot offered is just a deft touch, played with loose hands; red cherry is hovering around the crease, pure pleasure.
I can write pages about Dravid and Laxman, but I am feeling really sad post their retirement. So winding up………

      I should leave the last words to Tendulkar : after his and Laxman’s 353 – run partnership in Sydney in 2004, where Tendulkar was the model of extreme self-restraint, he said: “ I had just decided to stay there …and watch from the other end”.

PS: There will be a lot of praise for VVS post his retirement, which he simply deserved every bit of it, but words often failed to summarize the whole story.


Question: How to stop someone who is blabbering about Cricket?
Real Question: Ask him the difference between Googly and Wrong'un?

Another Question after Real Question: After how many mandatory overs,a ball change in due in a Test Match?
One more: What is Chanderpaul is applying under his eyes while batting? Why not fielding?