Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday I was having a lunch very late…(due to assignment submission). when I was havin d one at OC wid my friends. Then some girls came to us…
Girls:- hi…
Us:- hi.
G:- V r from Psychology dept..
U :- (?)
G:- v r doin some v want some subjects..So r u interested?
U:- Hmmm…yes why not!..( They were good lookin so no point in…)

So v headed straight 2 Psycho (sry Psychology) dept… Amongst they themselves distributes d subjects…My introgetter was some Irani girl (that is wat I figured out from her pronunciation).

They didn’t reveal wat was d test, n wat was d project…but they promised dat it will gonna take only 10-15 mins. dats why v were ready 2 entertain them(ow v were lot busy:-)..
So d test(?) starts…

Introgetter:- what is ur name?
I:- Na..cha..chi..ka..ta..
M:- yes ur right!
I:- (at first some introductory ques)..then where do u live?
M:- hostel!!!
I:- Do u distribute works amongst ur room-mates?
M:- what? (?)…v hardly do any work in d room…v r at our clumsy best!!! it saves time…(4 wat?)
I:- ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
M:- ?
I:- Do u mix wid people easily?
M:- yes( except professors)

There were some light questions..n my easy d end of session I had 2 submit one questionnaire…There were 54 questions…but it seems dat I m attemptin d same questions again n again…finally I complete dat mountainous task…n headed back 2 my dept.

PS: All of us enjoyed lot…will surely want 2 become subject again!!!


  1. u remember ur statical questionary abt vehicle???
    tht time we also wondering for filling questionary here & thr.. like Psychology dept student....

  2. @ajinkya: ofcourse i remember dat. u helped me a lot..(keepin all female responses wid u, instead of givin me, still m waitin :)