Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Exam, Study table, Bed bugs…..

Last week was exam week. My first internal exams of this semester were on. This time it was really hard 4 me to get into dat exam mode(more serious luk on d face, thinkin all d time about how much to score, how to prepare particular subject, no movies, restrictions on long night discussion wid hostellites..)

As first paper was Regression n I hadn’t prepared well at all dis time…so it sucks by mile…Wid this Zataka finally I realize dat Nachiket beta, now u have to study…otherwise…otherwise other things will happen(ha ha).. jokes apart I became a little serious about remaining papers…

Wid d one horrible day at library I decided I will do whatever I want to study in my room..as it remains empty all d time…so I cleaned my study table(finally!!!).n started studying..As I was sittin there for hours I realize dat something was moving around my hand. I watched carefully but It was so small…den my hand started itching, then neck,followed by legs…n disaster struck; d bed bugs attacked my table…

Room mates came by midnight.first they were shocked dat I cleaned my table, later they showed some sympathy to me on dat bed bug issue…they gave me one suggestion dat I should catch those n drop them into mug half filled wid water…I followed dat…n their population started reducing…

Hostel authorities do this Pest control drama every month, but only god knows wat liquid they spray…or may b bed bugs in the university increased their immunity to such liquid..self defense mechanism…(i can visualize them)

some benefits…
They never allowd me to sneak through some power nap on table…
I get a feeling dat they r alertin me all d time; study study study…

preventive measurement…

1.wear full sleeve T..wear socks n hand gloves while studyin(hmmm good 1, will hav a second thought)

2.Anyways u bought dat Khatneel (killer spray) ..spray in on table..(will think on dis also)

3.change ur study location..(where???)

4.Neglect them..(how how how?)

5.wash ur room( this was cohesively rejected by us.)


PS: More suggestions r welcome!


  1. hahaha..gud one..im rotfl.. :D
    again a situational comedy u have.. :P

    u reminded of my days..bt consistent efforts have shown results..and i no more see them around myself.. :)

    @1.if they are big ones then its not going to work..
    @2. don't go for it..its useless.
    for more suggestions on them conatct me..believe me i have already a half done dessertation on the topic.. :P

  2. finally, ur exam finish na?

    It's very challanging to u face exam with many problems ..

  3. one more preventive measurement:

    JAGATE RAHO.........

  4. Hey nice 1... Steadily and Gradually you are becoming a pro witer