Sunday, March 21, 2010

Déjà vu

Well its been almost 4 years for which I thought was end of d period which v all luv to forget…our stay at FC..few days ago we had a dinner at FC road, it was a big treat gave by my OGF(old good friend), for securing admission for MCA in symbi..its like goin back to old days…n how it was tough to get back on track…

As I was havin a good time wid them, n I lost somewhere।(nowadays it happens a lot).

I always believe wat I can say in Marathi,"माणूस हां दुसर्याच्या चुकापासून शिकत नाही तर तो स्वताला जालेल्या जखामापसून शिकतो."

So true…i had lot of them..n there will b more…but now I felt lot tired of these things…
these days I felt lot more like dat, its lyk my head is spinnin all d time॥in d past I was addicted to CS..n it was okay..more so because I was helpless..

but now for small reasons I went into dat spotless mind framework…be it no preparation for regression or not able to find proper inspiration for writin a play for annual gathering, or freaked out instinct for wrintin poems( or prose or haikus or whatever)॥but d best part is dat now I don’t feel guilty of dat।(here poem)..i donno wat is d reason behind d lack of inspiration or wat kind of thrust I m lookin for….now I felt lot of afraid of these things, n after some split seconds I went into another mood..without worrying anything… I hate myself.

PS:- See now m posting this n I m not in dat spotless mind framework…donno wat can I say more!


  1. why one has to be afraid of writing something creative.. ??and u aren't helpless..u r helping yourself by writing..
    just smileeee :))

  2. Yes! u aren't helpless nachi...
    & not need inspiration, need situation for writing anything :-)

    माणूस स्वतः ला झालेल्या जखमा पासून शिकतो!!
    आणि आयुष्य हे शिकन्यासाठी असते...

    दोन ओळी त्यासाठी.....

    सूर हरवले होते ,
    संवेदना ही संपल्या होत्या.
    जून्या त्या गोष्टी आठवत....
    आठवन्णीन्ना उजाळा,देत देत ,
    थोड्या फार जखमा भरल्या होत्या,
    त्या जखमां पासून शिकून आता सावरायचे आहे...

    Ok Nachiket!!!

  3. khup chaan lihitos tu. Kunihi tujhya likhanachya sahaj premat padel.
    But i want to give u a suggestion if u don't mind.Share ur feelings with somebody u will feel better.Aplyach marathit sangayacha tar "tula eka khandyachi garaj ahe visavnyasathi". Think about it.