Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bday, speaker, main building…

Last sunday was my friends bday.dis was d first bday since my bro deliverd d sound system. So v decided v gonna rock dis time. Music system took some time 2 was 11:50 n then party started. v all xcahnge d DJ seat time by time, playin own favorite songs…making out of d box moves.(can’t describe much, u gotta c dat)
So v all having a good time…n then disaster struck…v had two new guest in KHAKI UNIFORM…they were uni. security…they both came 2 visit us: courtesy music system..d situation was lyk dat….
( v were in all 11 guys…everybody was in conscious state(!!!)…new atithi changed everyone’s composure…)
WE:- sorry sir, sry sry sry….
SECURITY:- no, no , no need 2 b sorry…then he called chief rector..But he didn’t turned up (thank god)
W: v all about 2 stop but….
S: dept?
W: stat
S: give me ur I cards…
(hosts gave them)
W: sry sir, sry sry sry sry..
S: took a paper n wrote down a letter addressing 2 rector n narrate wat happened..also mentioned d time, ie precisely 1:15AM
We gonna lock dis room n don’t tryin 2 escape from window..i counted u r 11…
(he locked d room, n left)

We wrote an apology letter(time mentioned in it)..n waits for S.

They came..n heard nothing from us..n told 2 report at security office at Main Building.
So v all in tensed mood headed towards MB at 2. There were 5-6 more security men. n v all wre n shock dat wat gonna happened next..
but d in charge was not quite harsh as it was sound earlier.. he collected letters n took our formal intro..
(now v regain some breath)..n promised he won’t take further action provided u won’t do dis kind of thing again..(v all nodded in cohesion)
n offerd 2 have a tea at 5am there..Which v politely denied..n marched towards hostel, accompany us was dog music..

PS: now m getting a re-feel dat m livin in a hostel.


  1. ha ha ha..BEWARE OF SECURITY GARDS!! we think that they r sleepin but actually they dont :D

  2. @meghana:- yes,we will b carefull next tym...

  3. I think one thing u got frm this treat ,that return my speakers as early as possible........

  4. hehe..aniket ki baat maan lo.. :P