Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Questions and Silence !!!

  Just heard that,government had appointed Pranab Mukharji as a mediator. It is indeed a welcome sign. We all hope it will lead to a constructive path and we get a strong lokpal bill, here I am not persisting with Janlokpal bill. Since, it also has few pit holes.

                Dr. Aruna Roy, a member of National Advisory committee ( NAC) also brought third lokpal draft, which seems to be midway between govt. and Team Anna’s lokpal version. Last few days, we are hearing numerous discussions over,
Some of questions are still unanswered..

  • Whether it is right to blackmail govt by this way, by stating deadline till 30th August?
  • Is it fair to call Anna’s fast a Non-voilant Blackmail?
  • Who gave the Authority to Team Anna, to say that they represent India?
  • Is anybody, including Mr. Kejrival worried about Anna’s health, by calling it indefinite fast and saying that it is Anna’s call?
  •  5 lacks is just 0.5 % of total population of India. Do they represent whole India? Who is taking guarantee that, by quickly passing Janlokpal we don’t create another monster?
  • It was collective failure of previous parliaments by failing to reach out strong lokpal bill. Whether this parliament is totally responsible for his predecessors’ wrongdoings?
  • Why govt. is still silent over this issue? What is exactly they are waiting for?
  • Why opposition is still mum on this issue? What they are ultimately aiming by demanding PM’s resignation?
  • Is Advaniji lost his prime? Why they haven’t come up with their own formula?
  • First Abhiskek Manu sighavi, head of Standing Committee asked for 4 months time, now he is saying give us 8 weeks. Why playing number game, start acting now.
  • CNN-IBN proposed a 5 point strategy; it is indeed a welcome sign. But it is govt and at some point Team Anna ( or Mr. Kejriwal) to decide when will they say truce.
  • Roy’s version of lokpal made more sense to me. She proposed 5 divisons of lokpal. What stopping them, to discuss the whole issue, and telecast it?
  • PM’s diminishing authority is worrying me, so as Opposition’s ineffectiveness.
  • Why not call for a special Parliamentary session? 

Lets us hope that , something constructive comes through the process. But don’t abolish parliamentary process. I request Team Anna to lower their stance a bit and have faith in parliamentary democracy.

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