Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am Anna

I am Anna
Time:- 10.07 PM, Wed

All the countrymen, seems to be found themselves in a kind of government imposed stalemate. There are lots of allegations throws towards each other.In this article, I will try to voice my view, by taking one point at a time. I will try my best to remain impartial.
Today, Opposition party gained a somewhat upper hand when PM gave a statement in both house. The demands put by opposition, got green lantern. Which were?
--Release Anna immediately.
--PM should give a statement in the house.
--There will be comprehensive debate on the PM’s statement.

    The current govt. comprises of some distinguished lawyers, who are also ministers, such as P.C. Chidambaram. During Parliamentary discussion over PM statement, I strongly felt that, I was seeing some courtroom drama instead of Parliament session. I am not going into the matter whether oppn. Is trying to gain political mileage or not. Let us focus on Team Anna and Govt stand. The conditions put by police ahead of team Anna were totally outrageous. Some of the conditions are,
>Not more than 5000 people are allowed.
>Utmost 50 two wheelers are allowed.
>Fast will last for at most 3 days.
>No permission for tent.

    In total there were 22 conditions, in turn team Anna agreed on 16 conditions but they denied 6 conditions.
Is congress in future, get abided by all these 22 conditions they put ahead of Team Anna. Will Congress going to abide themselves by all the 22 conditions they
                While arresting Anna, policy said that they are using IPC act 144 C. Agreed, but where was the same act, when Hurriat leaders took conference in the heart of Capital and demand for Separate Kashmir?  Mamata Banergee went on to fast for 30 days against Singur plant. That time there were no such restrictions. Why now? Don’t give such bullshit, like in order to maintain Law and order, Delhi police has to take this action. There was not a single unwanted incident happened since the agitations start.

                Yesterday,In a press conference, our distinguished home minister P.C Chidambaram aka Chanakya  said that, they have no idea that, where is Anna, and on what ground he had been taken into preventive custody? What is happening in this country?   CWG scam; govt. said they had no idea, blame Kalamadi.2G scam, blame Raja. Anna episode, blame Delhi police.  Govt. converted itself into laughing stock.

                We all respect supremacy of parliament. There are no denials that, only Parliament can make laws, but in a free country like India, which boasts of largest democratic country in the world, every citizen has a fundamental right to protest. They (Congress) are saying that respect the Constitution, then what about those fundament rights given by Constitution itself to every citizen of this Country.
Govt. is simply failed to comprehend the enormity of the present situation. They thought, they bashed BABA RAMDEV, they will also thrash Anna. But simply forgetting that there was only one Ramdev, but now everyone is Anna.    We all respect Parliament and Constitution, but sometimes we forget that basic essence of these institutions is Common Man.  If govt. is so vocal about supremacy of Parliament about law making institution, then let us present this JAN LOKPAL BILL in the house. I am not going into intricacies of the bill, but if all the parties think that, one point is not fitting then drop that point but at least step forward. Let us show, will to act.

There is not Magic wand, but there is certainly Magic in the will power.

PS: This article is dedicated to Heramb Gadgil, who came forward and voiced his protest without any fear. Jai hind!!!


  1. Awesome article !!!
    Really its time to unite and fight against corruption.
    India is a democratic nation and every individual has right to protest...

    Good work Nachiket

  2. yes, it is time to unite to show our might!!!