Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flat pitch

Yesterday, we played Student-Teacher friendly match. It was fun, considering the fact was we won by keeping just an over spare, so it was a close shave. Though it was our second string team, boys showed lot of class so do teachers. Kale, Pandit and Ladkat sir were simply amazing. Pandit sir has got a nice bowling sense and amount of measured flight he was giving to his delivery it was very difficult to put them out of block. Kale sir was very athelatic as he was last year, but this time Man of the match was Pandit sir for his skilled bowling effort.

PS:- Most pleasing moment on a field are...
1) To see the stumps get uprooted and fly in the air, sheer fast bowlers delight.
2) Let ball go high in the air and sailed beyond the rope and slowly watched its trajectory.

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