Saturday, May 28, 2011


  Today is the official last day of my academic carrier. Its not like, i am not going to appear for Actuary paper, but its end of an so called exam era.
                    I am so happy today that henceforth i don't have to suffer the enigma of my irregular study pattern. What i observe in last few days of my academic life is that, i just don't study unless and until it becomes inevitable. So i was pretty relaxed for this exam. I studied Risk theory, Econometrics, finance and survival on the last day only. It was thrilling experience. ( not for faint hearted) All papers were good, and i have gained a world of confidence that given any topic i can crack it in a day or two! 
                 Now since exams are over, the frenetic job search starts immediately. I got to brush up some Statistics and i am sure i will be through. I will miss this relaxed lifestyle a lot. Even during exam period i managed to finish "Durgbhramangatha" by Go Ni Dandekar. Masterpiece!

PS: Next assignment- Raigad.

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