Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Last week i saw KITES. There was a scene when Barbara asks Hrithik how come you say " i love u" in hindi, and he simply said," main ullu ki patthi hu".

As movie was not much intriguing enough, as i was expected i took a ride(vehicle: of course my mind). IT was when i was attending MTTS proggrame in Mysore,one of my friend(an iitian) really liked a girl from FC.(that was a lone chic out there n we were nerd, so...)

OK, thing was that he was real Fattu! Really scared of how to confront her. He was from IITG, and we came to know that there was real scarcity of girls out there! and he was afraid of turning into gay.
So he didnt want to mess this time around. As a good friend of him, we were upto the task to help him out and ease his nerves.

One guy from TFIR had a good rapport with her. so he came and said to him,"Go, and talk with her in French!" my friend replied," why french?"
TIFR:" because she knew French and it will creat good impression on her."
IIT:" but i dont know French at all."
TIFR:" Relax boy, i knew French i will help you out. just mug up few sentences."
IIT: ok, but what i hav to mug.
TIFR:ale aau sesma, ule u anau(i dont remember now exactly)
IIT; but what that really mean?
TIFR: its cool! just hi, how are you? and nice to meet u..
IIT: no bullsh*t?
TIFR: sure.
(Actually it was, it means really nasty!!!)

So Majnu was really upto the task. Mugging up the sentences relentlessly, me, my roomie and TIFR guy was encouraging him up and also having a complete blast.

So after two days of practice, he was feeling a bit confident about the mugged stuff and ready to roar, but the main thing was we had to mention all these to concerned girl, otherwise if she complained, we may had to face expulsion. So again big daddy(TIFR) came to rescue, but it turns out that she was least interested. Her reply was,”why, me?” Now that was hard to answer, why you? ,(God!!!)

So at the end we had very hard time to catch majnu before he talked to her. As soon as lecture was over we able to catch him and told him all the above stuff. Since he was a cool guy, we all had a rocking blast there, everyother looked puzzled.
PS: In Kites, Barbara avenges Hrithik also.

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