Wednesday, June 2, 2010


As I was going through newspapers, one news caught my attention. Afjal guru , accomplice who attacked Indian parliament demanded that, he would rather be hanged than kept in solitary confinement cell.

Well I am not going to comment here any political statement out here. Rather I would like to draw attention to one of the important aspect. What are the basic needs of human being?
- Food
- Water
- Shelter
- Conversation.

Yes, that’s true. Every individual expects that there should be somebody who understands him/herself. This basic need (conversation) paved way to evolution of many languages. Etymologists suggest that words are the main ingredient of evolution.

It is only when we talked with somebody then and then we came to know about our self more and more, how we behave in different situations; this cannot achieved by only simulation but conversation.

When we said true reading of a book starts: It is only when we shared the matter with somebody. Nothing excites any author than when his/her becomes talking point of masses. This joy is unmatchable.

PS: Words are mightier than swords.
(While writing this topic I get a feeling that I can explain my point more precisely in Marathi, but since it is very tedious to type in Marathi and I am aware of the fact that how lazy I am, I continue with English.)

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