Saturday, September 4, 2010


At one time so many things invade my mind, having no control over them. Now a day One such thing which dominates all other was, I imagine myself to be in a limbo. I have all sorts of novels, poems, ghazals which I can read rest of my life, having no other things to worry about. I will wake up in the morning (rather in the afternoon) take any of the novels which lie besides me and read it until I quenched my thirst. Then I will write which is mine, mostly poem. I always felt guilty of myself being too lazy. I almost have 4-5 ready plots, on which I can write good short stories, but…Last month the feeling surpassed my laziness (finally!) and I wrote one story. No doubt, felt lot relieved. Now since I will be in a limbo, I can let my laziness to die a slow death then I will ride on my all unfulfilled wishes until the dust settles.
                  This is my idea of inception.   

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