Monday, September 20, 2010

If only

You will never meet the same person again.
Big events, small incidents knowingly or unknowingly contribute to building our own character. Whenever somebody says that, “You have changed a lot, you were not like this!” (In what sense, the concerned person knows the best!) Then we get realized that, yes! I guess, I changed a little bit.

I always open to any such events which enhance myself, rather everything around teaches us something, the only thing is that we have to see it with different spectacle. One thing I learned that about myself that, I am so much fancy about living on the edge. I likes when the situation let my adrenaline pumping. Be it exam time, any sport event, writing something innovative, watching lots of movies( till computer itself felt guilty), reading something( and forgetting everything) , going crazy about somebody( in spite of knowing the ultimate end). Although I likes sleeping long hours, sitting idle.

I realized after some time you get bored of the things which at some point you think, I can’t live without this! Time passes, you get addicted to something different. In my earlier stay at Pune, I was crazy about CS, so much that nobody can believe, how addicted I was! After some time the attraction receded gradually. Then came back at pune again. Again get hooked for some time. I again smiled at myself. Now seems to be come to ground reality. 
Meanwhile, introduced to Blogging and then poetry. Again fell in love with this, so much that at times, I got afraid of myself. Poetry is a kind of sweet addiction which soothes burning heart. I wrote every kind of poem mostly in Marathi, surprisingly some in English and more surprisingly in Hindi. Last summer I thought about a lot about this blogging and poetry, on the verge of leaving all this. I took a break, very confused. I tried to discuss, but later learned that, none can reach depth of anybody problem expect that person. So I thought a lot, and decided I shouldn’t deprive myself from this divine joy.

Someone said that, we get a single life; we should try each and everything. I totally disagree with this kind of philosophy. Life is such an unpredictable phenomenon that let alone rationalizing it; we cannot go near understanding it. I love surprises, also surprising others also. One thing I learned is that, you can’t blame anyone for your own downfall. You cannot claim sole propriety of your success.

Looking back at those memories,
I felt gasped!
I wonder how beautiful days they were.
Though at that time never realize,
The beauty of living the moment.

Time passes,
With little introspection we console ourselves,
I had a good time out there!

Why this lie?
Why such aloofness?
still, why there is guilt?
Are we destiny’s puppet?
Certainly not!!!

I wanna stride out, then do it!
I wanna break the rule, set free!
I wanna ruin myself, get ruined!
I wanna write a lot, express it!
I wanna hurt myself, do it badly!
I wanna study a lot, make it happen!
I wanna screamed like hell, tear it!

  PS: This post contains so much I, me , myself stuff , which i really don't like at first place but still cant resist the temptation.

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