Monday, September 13, 2010

Inside story

Hide the pain
hide the tears
nothing gained
nothing feared
all was lost with bloody scars
all it cost
were a few wishing

I always used to wonder how these poets, authors get inspiration from. Though V P humbly admit that, it is just a matter of one moment, rest is all donkey work(here writing) Yes, everybody craves for that one moment. Although all the stuff i wrote comes within me, but this particular poem i had written was the aftereffect of above lines.( it was a wallpaper.) When i read it first time, i suddenly felt some rush inside me. As my stuffs lies everywhere in the room, so it wasn't hard to catch a pen and book where i was sat. The end product after 10 minutes is lies below.

PS: Don't relate those two in meaning.It was just it spurred me.

What if
nobody besides me,
i will still love
what inside of me.

What if
there is no shoulder to cry for,
I will let myself drawn into my tears,
let tears felt envy of my eyes.

What if
none listen to me
I will let my burning heart to go loud,
so much till i feel numb.

What if
there is no way ahead
I will blindfold myself,
and follow my instincts.

What if
words come hard on me
I will borrow some from you,
to fill the unexplained sorrows...

1 comment:

  1. just amazing,
    cant say anything!
    keep it forever,
    dont loose your writing power!