Monday, March 4, 2013

Pitch It !!!

Those who have seen the last test between Aus and Ind , must have been relived those yesteryears memories of Indian spinners spinning web around batsmen. All the 20 wickets were taken by spinners only. In fact in the second inning Sharma bowled only 3 overs to 0 for Bhuvi.
            Lot of furore created by media in the last England series, where Dhoni insisted on Home Advantage to make spin friendly wickets. The move which backfired tremendously. India had to endure some heavy , morale drowning defeats.
            Along came Aussie, First test Chennai , Ball turning square from day 1 .
Key : Selective Watering.
You have to keep patch between line of stump firm and which will hold till 5’th day. So watered down this area. Where as keep outside off and legside area dry. Let the soil become loose with bowlers footmarks. Which will assist spinners as the day progress.
Hats off to Curator.

PS : When shane warne visited Chennai , and tormented by Sachin, he asked Curator, Whats wrong with my bowling? Curator said,” May be dodgy shoulder keeping you away from your best”. He later had operation on his shoulder. But the real trick was keep outside the leg stump area firm. Watered down, keep some grass. Genius….

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