Wednesday, January 11, 2012


            It was precisely 30th Dec 2011. All the chosen ones decided to galore at my flat. Then we gonna hit the road for New Year. So my OGF(Old Good Friend) Pramod , proposed to take his car. Which was at his home. So the task was cut to me and him to bring car back to the city. ( Time: 7.45 PM) . His house was ( according to him ) was just 20 mins away from my flat.

                        Time: 9PM- We left on him bike to his home. And here the journey starts.
I remember watching MOTORCYCLE DIARIES which is a doc on Che. They way Che and his doctor friend roam around the world on his cruiser bike was simply breathtaking. The speed, rowdy techniques, sudden breaks, unexpected speedbreakers, occasional off the track ride …all was there. I wished to be there simply.

            The wish came true that particular day.
Time:- 9:15 Pamya warned me there is bumpy road ahead and it is a very small patch. I said, “ fine!”  Later it turned out I misheard something. The road was typical country road. It was pitch black. As if we were riding on moon surface. Speedometer was fluctuating between 60 – 65 KM/PH. At the beginning My heart was pounding very fast. Though I was wearing helmet, everything was unsure, simply because Pramod was driving. [Nightfox:- I will simply jump in front of the truck, but never be pillion to Pramod. Lolz].
So that was his reputation. But he hold his own. After few minutes I started enjoying. Every other second I was speculating we gonna slip. We we wont, there was a momentary ( 2 seconds) relief . It was exactly like computer game.

PS: I am getting bored , I am gonna wrap up here…

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