Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 idiots

(Apology: The post may contain some rigid statistical words. So please help yourself by yourself)

Last week we had to submit one assignment (a legal way to make people eligible for final exam) on Simulation of Markov chain, yes the topic was related to Stochastic Process. The thing was like that, we had to simulate 10 markov chains and then we had to do some estimation and now I forgot (that is not important here) So the key was that we had to write quite a bit difficult programmes and them we had to execute them 10 times for different values of n.

I wrote these programmes but I was very reluctant to do these repetitive work ( or rather lazy) but since it was a question of 5 marks and having not done very good in internals I decided give it a last shot. So we (my batch mates) went to our lab. I was the operator and others were (vocal) spectators. Having finishing with 3 repetitions I got bored, and then the idea struck. Yes it was straight from 3 idiots. Remember chamatkar to balatkar( how can we forget?, omi) So things was like that each time I had to do for next n, I had to make lot of changes in the previous programme, mainly in variables ( there were 8-9 in total) I decided to use replace function. Voila!!! It became all easy now. All I just had to do was replacing thing, and it took me only half an hour to complete rest of the work.

I was happy at least I can apply a thing or two from movies (or rather any visual medium) in real life. I use to read CSR, and there was a mock group discussion. One topic was the same about visual and print media (as usual I don’t remember the topic now). There they echoed the same things that we should respond what happens around us. I was happy that I able to do the same. These are the rare moments for me. ( ha ha)

PS: Markov chain main hai
Nachiket total lost
ACP ko khooni chahiye
at any cost.

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  1. wasn't it possible to put the things in loop.. with corresponding vector for n?

    :P sorry for such a comment, but when it comes to programming and markov chains i can't resist.. :(