Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I always found people very simple and straightforward. At times some people may behave erratic but somehow I had sympathy for them because it may be the reaction, what they had faced in the past and till now they don’t found the right medium to express themselves.

Some people are always loaded with very false pre-assumptions about themselves and the very fact that they are really happy to remain in that scenario. They always think that, I had covered all the other things and I am always on the safer side but let me tell u friend, people around you are not that much foolish to identify this thing. It’s just a matter of time to unveil the face behind an opaque mask.

Various people had very strange likings or habits. I am not SME (subject matter expert) but

Some of them are:-

1. Don’t appreciate anybody if he or she does marvelous job. My friend it is just few words that make the person happy and if we are not in a position to say some niceties but at least don’t say the words that sent the moral down.

2. Frame stories about friends and trying to picturise them as a bad guy. I had seen some guys do this and this is the cheapest thing I can imagine.

3. Trying hard to make rift between people by applying each and every trick in the bag they had. Sometimes they got success and sometimes no such drama, what they had anticipated. That sent them into some introspections but not that they learn few things from this but they came up with new trick to trick people. They are such a good actors that it is always hard to find who is on the wrong side, for the people who were listening those stories; so no fault on their side.

4. Always moderate things such as every time they came up with good individual. For being good individual you don’t have to do something, it is just you have be yourself rather than trying to sound someone else. I always find amusing, why it is always hard for some people to do selfless deed.

5. To be a good leader u has to identify the hidden talents amongst your team-mates and you have to blossom it. Not that fearing that he would take all the limelight. This may results in bad relationships. What is now we can see the state of Pakistan Cricket team: everybody trying to pull each other’s legs, and end result is obvious.


The line is straight because it has no corners.

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  1. somehow...this 1-5 all looked alike to me.. :O
    i think they have corners..thats why they behave like that.. :P